Free translator helps you to translate anything in Lozi to English or English to Lozi. • Its completely free, faster and very easy solution for translations. You can . -bina (binile) v.i. to dance: Ni ziba ku bina Ngomalume, I know how to dance the Ngomalume (Lozi men’s dance). der. mubini, pina, sibiniso, mubinelo. syn. Lozi definition, a Bantu language spoken in Barotseland, in western Zambia. See more.

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Sico se sa ni babela mwa hanu, this food has a bitter taste in my mouth. Bo imuyulu, knob-billed ducks: Nja i ni kapezi mabisi a ka, the dog has drunk my own milk caus.

Mutu zwni u kate. Yena u ha hatele: Test Your Knowledge – and learn some interesting things along the way. Mu mu tuXele afale mahoho m ra piza i kene.

Lozi | Definition of Lozi in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Loi hu mufokolisize hahulu, his illness has weakened him a lot. Ku yema mutu kasumatondo, to hate somebody. Home News Alphabets What is writing?


Bona ba fitile ka nako, they themselves arrived in time. Mali e ni hola, the money which I draw. U lata ku ina kangwende, he likes to sit by him-self. Malu a tahisa bunsu fafasi, clouds cause darkness on the earth.

Useful phrases in Lozi

I love her so much ‘. U sike wa bondola mwanana lizoho, do not twist the child’s arm. Bubeli bwa bona, two of them, both. Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

Mu sike mwa kendisa mutu lico za canga, do not deprive someone of food which he is accustomed to eat. Kanini ha ka supiswi mutu, the little finger is never used to point at somebody. Ku yemisa mote cakamukata, to give someone no time for rest as a patient requiring much attention etc.

U bolomokile kwa lilumo, he got through the battle unharmed. Fa Kuta ba ciSekezi litaba fahali, at the Court they just touched the matter without going into it.

Mu na nilcondo hahulu, you are very noisy. Ku taba lisho fa bululi bwa sika, to get the arrow to dictionarry the target; the bearing or true direction: U ni tuhele Help! Mwa ndu ya hae kwa cosoma, it it pleasant to live in his house; to be enjoyable: Ku eza bunde, to beautify; mibaso i eza bunde mwa ndu, paint of various colours makes a fine decoration in the house.


English Lozi Dictionary online

Lu utwile buipulelo bwa hae, we have heard his confession. Welcome to the English-Lozi dictionary.

Ni utwile kakuwa ka mutufa likamba, I heard a man giving a shout on the river bank. Ngete-ngete u il’o conela mwa Bulawayo, so-andso has been away in Bulawayo for a long time.

Mutu yo u hata ku shwa, this person is on the point of death. Also applied to birds dispersing to their nests. Na fumbela ku hulal a mutu, he was threatening to kill someone, rel.