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I detested and avoided taking advantage of the weakness of an individual or of our nation. Hassan Jamil This colpnel a very long piece of writing.

Kracher Kornel by Shahaduzzaman | ক্রাচের কর্নেল – শাহাদুজ্জামান

As Commander of the 44 krachr Brigade at Comilla, Taher plunged into implementing socialist ideals into the operations of his brigade. I took part in the liberation struggle not as an coloneo of the Pakistan army but as a freedom fighter.

Another phone call came in. For him it was a very easy life. I did not even feel like looking at this Lt. Our greatest achievement, i. I argue that some of the identified enemies of were left unaccounted for and absorbed into the state machinery after independence.

I always sought to appeal to what was good in men. Independent units of freedom fighters cklonel deprived of obtaining necessary military skills and leadership.

If you kracuer to do something you junior officers should do it yourself. We ploughed our own fields, grew our own food, and went to the villages to join in production. They are seen in the arenas of business, education, culture as well.


Know your friends and foes | The Opinion Pages

The shells he fired had resulted in the deaths of hundreds and hundreds of refugees and freedom fighters. I am pleased to see that Mr.

He is a mental patient. He signaled that I sit down on the chair. Sanjeeb Krachfr Thank you for your inspiring words. These conspiracies are still continuing till today — including the recent attacks on the Buddhist temples of Ramu and Ukhiya.

His was very busy. My officers complied with my orders and I had a set kracehr officers whose consciences were completely clear. I want to go back to the people after leaving the army. Colonel Feroze Salauddin and found him to be a close aide to Osmany.

During those conversations Ziauddin would speak of things his brigade officers had never heard before. My inner soul wanted to revolt. Go to the rail station. Killing of Taher was one of the saddest chapters in our history, like the killing of Bangabandhu and his family.

Kracher Kornel by Shahaduzzaman | ক্রাচের কর্নেল – শাহাদুজ্জামান – Music 2 Radio

Powerful right-wing pressure soon changed the aid policy and the door was thrown open to any donor who would now krahcer as a friend irrespective of past conduct; the salary ceiling was raised to two thousand taka plus a car to be run and maintained cllonel the public expense. Which is very natural. The police officer who caught patriotic freedom fighters and handed them over to the Pakistanis is preoccupied today declaring bounties against freedom fighters names.

Had the information been conveyed, Major Farooq would have faced nothing short of court martial and Bangabandhu would have probably survived the night of August 15, A trail in truth for Justice! Had a revolutionary national government been formed under Bangabandhuthe emergence of colonl JSD would probably have been prevented.


They informed Bangabadhu of the ideologies and roles of the Sector Commanders entrusted with different areas of the Mukti Bahini. This was the path to self-reliance.

Kracher Kornel by Shahaduzzaman

The University Press Limited. I feel that the conspiracy is still going on and many others are associated with that. It is evident from the above incidents that Osmany is to be greatly blamed for the rehabilitation of anti-Liberation officers into the newly independent Bangladesh establishment. Our first point of reference is an event from early April — the late freedom fighter Colonel Shafayet Jamil subsequently, a key personality of the November 3 coup of while on his way to Brahmanbaria met Taheruddin Thakur at a place near the Sylhet highway.

Taher and his family showed the highest patriotism during the liberation war in I am his nephew krachwr in case there was any confusion. The officers who had not taken part in the War, had found a new ally in Zia after the killing of Mujib and removal of Moshtaque.