Kostas Axelos was born in in Greece, but has lived almost all of his Axelos was an unorthodox Marxist who believed that Marx’s works could be brought. Interview kostas axelos. Mondialisation without the world. stuart elden when you left greece in , why did you choose paris?kostas axelos. Having a trilingual. PDF | On Oct 1, , Stuart Elden and others published Introducing Kostas Axelos and ‘the world’.

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Kostas Axelos – Wikipedia

The thinker of the Vast Open Horizon, the enigmatic thinker of the Planetary Age died in 5 February in the age of He will be always with us on our explorations in outer space, in our great navigations of endless future, in our never ending travelling inside the centuries, the moments, the galaxies of passions and the microcosms of experience… Void Network thanks Kostas Axelos for all great inspiration and mind expanding philosphical influence that he offered to our collective for all help that offered to us on our steps to the Edges of the Horizon.


He enrolled in the Law School in order to pursue studies in law and economics.

With the onset of World War II he got involved in politics; during the German and Italian occupation he participated in the Greek Resistanceand later in the Axelox Civil Waras an organiser and journalist affiliated with the Communist Party He was later expelled from the Communist Party and condemned to death by the right-wing government.

He was arrested and escaped. At the end of Axelos moved to ParisFrance, where he studied philosophy at Sorbonne. From to he worked as a researcher in the philosophy branch of C.

Kostas Axelos, the great Philosopher of the Open Horizon is Dead! – Void Network

Swhere he was writing his dissertations [ 1 ]and subsequently proceeded to work in Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes. From to he taught philosophy in Sorbonne.

Axelos was a collaborator, columnist, and subsequently editor of the magazine Arguments Arguments in Edition de Minuit [ 2 ]. He has published texts mostly in Frenchbut also in Greek and German.


He founded and, sincehas run the series. Axelos lives in Paris, France and once a year he spends a kstas in Greece. His main works are: Facebook YouTube Flickr Email.

Void Network announces the death of our great spiritual friend, Kostas Axelos. Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest.

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