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Subject Smart Power Outlet System. For investigation it was used autonomous four-wheeled platform traveling in different modes.

Portera piecu spēku analīze

Kategorijski podatci predstavljeni su apsolutnim i relativnim frekvencijama. During the second znalize, there was a survey of the experts by applying a semi-structured interview method.

A new set of photos from the video recorder in poor environment conditions has been collected and tagged. Sve P vrijednosti su dvostrane. The core of the created system is one shot detector SSD network combined with a convolutionall neural network MobileNet, specifically designed for mobiles and embedded devices.

Njemačke kompanije napuštaju Rusiju

Konkurnetu request has been placed! Mobile home monitoring and management system. Konlurentu computer software was created aiming to calculate the dispersion, absorption and propagation characteristics of the structures under consideration. Students name, surname Lukas Jakutis. To study the influence of individual predictors of the dependent variable, and the impact of the model as a whole, was used univariate and multivariate regression analysis.

System is able to capture frames from camera feed and pass it to a pre-trained neural network, neural network then outputs detections of dogs with bounding boxes. The ability of segmentation of different classes and sizes of an objects by graph cut based algorithm is investigated by changing parameters, the most effective parameters are searched.


4joy – konkurentu analīze by Anna Stepena on Prezi

Students name, surname Tadas Nevinskas. Visual studio was used as a software creation tool. Students name, surname Mindaugas Trapnauskas.

System uses two types of neural network architectures: Students name, surname Justas Nomeika. Competitive advantage is one of the principles of modern economics and strategy is a tool by which is achieved competitive advantage. The purpose of the bachelor thesis is to create computer system which could estimate grain impurity level from sample photo.

Reklamos davėjo vaidmuo ir poveikis internetinės žiniasklaidos turiniui: telekomunikacijų atvejis

Using Bootstrap responsive website was created for all kind of screen resolutions. Laboratory equipment interactive models for virtual reality programs. The javascript language with the NodeJs engine is selected for programming. Devices transfer all information to the server, which is displayed to the user in a web browser.

The main goal of this Master Thesis is to investigate monkurentu and commonly used methods for positioning and autonomous orientation of embedded systems. The system is tested successfully and meets the job task.

This bachelor thesis consists of 64 pages text without extras, 32 pictures, 11 tables, 25 references, 13 extras, 4 A4 drawings, 3 A4 posters.

Bachelor’s thesis to obtain Electronic Engineering degree. In order to achieve the goal, Lithuanian companies engaged in analogical and konkirentu activities and kobkurentu products on the world market are analyzed, the essential parameters of the product under development are selected. Subject Information System for Device Monitoring.


Data connection with database completed partly. Detailed economic summaries, analyzes and plans are presented.

Operation of the embedded system is based on image processing functions. The work consists of a review of analog schemes, a amplifier step design, a surge protection scheme, a voltage upgrade and a digital signal input design, a board design and the device verification. Subject Wearable Electrocardiography Monitor. Thesis consist of 58 pages of text without appendixes, 41 figures, 3 tables, 30 bibliographical entries, 3 annexes.

The goal of the thesis is to create a Portable Digital Oscilloscope which could be produced by a newcomer in the field of electronics. Structural and functional schemes of the system are created, diagrams of algorithmic algorithms for operating system models are developed. Palyginti du atvirojo kodo sprendimai, tinkami veikti Raspberry Pi 3 valdiklyje. Competitiveness is one of the fundamental concepts in the modern economy. For system security a user authentication system was developed, that provides a few authorization levels.

The system was created in few main steps: Based on UML diagrams, a software model is developed that provides system performance and a user-friendly web page. Equipments works according to requirements.

Students name, surname Mantas Miknys. Air temperature and humidity sensor for outdoor conditions operations was chosen. Addendums are provided separately.

Vilnius,59 p. Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas, Vilnius,