Mekatronika is published twice a year by UMP Publisher. This is an official journal of the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Journal Description: Jurnal Teknovasi, jurnal teknik, jurnal inovasi, teknik mesin, teknik mekatronika, teknik automasi, teknik rekayasa, engineering journal. Mekatronika – Journal of Mechatronics and Intelligent Manufacturing Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering Universiti Malaysia Pahang Pekan, Pahang.

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Aims & Scope

It will specifically provide a unifying basics bringing together engineers, architects, designers, project managers and construction managers, mekatroika others. Your interest in reviewing is shared with journals or conferences when they are partnered with us. Mekatronika is published twice a year by UMP Publisher. This journal invites research and intellectual discussions on issues of language education and applied mekatroniia of any language.

The journal publishes research papers in the fields of Islamic studies, ethnic relations, operation management, strategic management, technology management, communication and languages, ICT, economy, entrepreneurship and technopreneur, co-curriculum education, culture, literature and arts, civilization and religieons, psychology and sociology, soft skills, leadership, values and patriotism and so on. Implementation of the computer-based learning juenal subjects PLC can improve the quality of teaching and learning, as students showed a positive response, implementation category learning and learning outcomes both cognitive and psychomotor aspects of students have achieved mastery individually and classical.

Jurnal MEV

It publishes reviews, communications and research articles that provide understanding in the aspects of materials for sustainable development. Author will be able to request that their names and affiliations are withheld from reviewers of their papers – a form of peer review known as double blind. Click to let them know. View original from jurnalmahasiswa.


One subject in the mechatronics courses programmable logic controller PLC. Innovative initiatives can be developed through lessons learned, research and success stories of organizations jurrnal good governance. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer.

Aims & Scope | Mekatronika

It is a multi-disciplinary effort involving professionals, practitioners and scientists. Does not allow reviews to be publicly displayed Only allows reviewers to display the journal they reviewed for. Journal of Governance and Integrity For any mekatrojika, good governance and integrity is an essential prerequisite for remaining competitive today and growing sustainability in the future. Phase I, the development of the learning refers to the design of the Model 4D ThiagarajanPhase II, trial learning in the classroom using a design of one group pretest-posttest design.

The journal looks for significant contributions to Software Engineering and Computer Systems in theoretical and practical aspects.

The key lies in jurna, execution careful planning and innovation.

It was established as a platform to publish recent developments ujrnal findings in the area of manufacturing systems, manufacturing process, and other related fields.

It was established as a platform to publish recent developments and findings in, but not limited to, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Control, System Integration, Instrumentation, Modelling and Design, Automation, and Smart Manufacturing.

It encompasses all practical aspects of the theory and methods of mechatronics, the synergetic integration of mechanical engineering with electronic and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacture of industrial products and processes.

It will specifically provide a unifying basis bringing together engineers, architects, designers, project managers and construction managers, among others. Conditions mekatrinika today’s modern era, the use of programmable logic controller PLC to control the expanding technologies, ranging from moving the pump motor, motor conveyors, grinders, until the system is a tool that is mass.


For any organization, good governance and integrity is an essential prerequisite mekatrnika remaining competitive today and growing sustainability in the future. Reviews Review contents for Mekatronika are not publicly displayed on Publons, in accordance mdkatronika their editorial policy.

Click to let them know Editorial board members on Publons No one has yet noted that they are on Mekatronika’s editorial board. This study aims to develop computer-based learning device mechatronics subject-oriented programmable logic controller directly on student learning Mechanical Engineering Department Unesa FT. This is due to the lack of learning devices are used so that learning becomes less favorable and become passive. If you’re on the editorial board of Mekatronika, you can add it in your profile settings.

The areas covered under this journal are but not limited to: Mekatronika is an open access journal, and published twice a year by UMP Publisher.

Mekatronika | Publons

Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages. This study was conducted in two phases. IJHTC aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in humanities and social science and become the leading journal in humanities and social science in the world.

Authors are encouraged to submit articles for the dissemination of knowledge on topics relevant to language education and applied linguistics. The findings of the study: Based on the analysis of data, it can be concluded that the developed learning feasible for use in lectures mechatronics.