JIS Z 3197 PDF

JIS Z 3197 PDF

JIS Z Test methods for soldering fluxes (Foreign Standard). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider Japanese Industrial Standards [JIS]. JIS Z Test methods for soldering fluxes (Foreign Standard. JIS Z Halide content(mass %). ~ JIS Z Copper plate corrosion test. Passed. JIS Z Insulation resistance test( Ω).

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The film-forming substance in the raw material, i. Preparation and use of the same method as in Example 1. The invention relates to a lead free soldering clean free soldering flux with the mass percentage of organic acid activating agent 1.

The said organic acid could be one or more of the aliphatic acid mono acid or bi-acid, aromatic acid, or amino acid.

The said surface active agent is one or more of the nonion surface active agent, and the said organic amine and the derivant being ethanediamine, tetramethylenediamine, diethyl ethanolamine and so on, with the said film forming material being diethyl ethanolamine or resin. The soldering flux does not have halogen, being environmental protective, good in welding, welding spot being full and luminous, without residue, no 33197, high in isolation resistance.


A lead-free solder was washed with halogen-free flux, components of the flux by mass percentage: The flux according to claim 1, wherein: A flux according to claim 1, wherein: A soldering flux as claimed in claim 5, jsi in that: CN CNA en CN CNA en.

Colophony type non-halide cleaning-free soldering flux for lead-free solder wire. Aqueous cleaning soldering flux for lead-free soldering and preparation method thereof.

TAMURA CORPORATION TLF Cleanable No-Clean Solder Paste |タムラ製作所

Halogen-free low-splash solder wire and preparation method of halogen-free low-splash solder wire. Low-splash and halogen-free welding agent for tin wires and preparation method thereof.

Halogen-free soldering agent for tin bismuth system unleaded tin paste and preparation method thereof. Flux for soldering electronic components on circuit substrates, and mounted or unmounted circuit substrate.

Environment protection efficient water-based circuit board cleaning agent and preparation thereof. Low-rosin cleaning-free scaling powder 3179 SnAgCu series lead-free soldering paste and preparation method thereof.

Halogen-free lead-free soldering paste for radiator and preparation method thereof.