I took bayat online I read Darood Jawharat al Kamal only 11 times a day I took it from your website Would you please help me how. Jawharatul Kamal: Jewel of Perfection, treasury of the prophet S.A.W . reading of the Prayer of “Jawharat al-Kamal” by laying down a white. Jawharat al-Kamal (The Jewel of Perfection) (7 times daily). Allahumma salli wa sallim `alaa `ayni ‘r-rahmati ‘r-rabbaaniyati wa ‘l-yaaqootati.

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Shaykh Hishams mentions in his lecture: Exalt our master Muhammad, whose light preceded all Creation, whose appearance is mercy to sl the worlds, on the number of Your Creations which have passed before and the number of those which remain, those who jzwharat fortunate and those who are not, with blessings which exceed all count and which encompass all limits, blessings with no limits, no boundaries, ceaseless, blessings which are eternal, enduring as You endure.

Bless our Master Muhammad swhose heart is so full with Your Glory, and whose eyes are so full of Your Beauty that he came to be overjoyed, supported and victorious, and bless likewise his Family and Companion and grant him and them abundant peace, and praise be to Allah swt for all of that!

For Jaqharat verson of Dua click here.! Shaykh Hisham Ajwharat Mentions: If you read this one time, Allah swt will waivesins!

Allah swt will forgivebig sins, min al-kabaair. With one recitation of this salawat Allah swt takes away evengreat sins and with two recitations,great sins, and with three recitations,great sins, and with ten recitations, one-million great sins!


Other Powerful Salawat and there meanings to be added Next; 1. Salawat Jawharat al-Kamal The Jewel of Perfection – Tijani tariqah If you read this salawat 7 times a day or akmal, yuhibbahu mahabbatan khaasah wa laa yamootu illa waliyyan, Prophet s will love you with a special love and you will not leave dunya without being a wali.

Whoever recites this salawaat jxwharat mentioning the highest names of Prophet sAllah swt will open for him as He opened for His awliyaullah! The Prophet loves its reader with a special love, different from that already bestowed on them and on all the loved ones in the first part.

Jawharat al-Kamal (The Jewel of Perfection) (7 times daily)

Sayyid as-Salawaat The Master of Salawaats 5. Salawat that EqualsSalawat This can be added now.! Bismillahi Babuna This is reply my to those that have issues with Sins being Forgiven through Salawat ‘ala Rasul as this was also posted on a Forum: The Bida brigade should know they have drowned in their own Hubris- excessive prideas the Nur of M ustapha s is beyond compare and through his noble salawat much is forgiven as the Quran says: If they had only, when they were unjust to kamaal come unto thee and asked Allah’s forgiveness, and the Messenger had asked forgiveness for them they would have jawyarat Allah indeed oft-returning, most merciful.

One Arab went to the grave of our Prophet, May Allah bless him and grant him peaceand recited the verse from the Holy Qur’an: A voice then came from our Prophet’s [May Allah bless him and grant him peace] grave, saying that Allah has forgiven your sins. Afterwards our Prophet, May Allah bless him and grant him peaceappeared in the dream of Utba’, may Allah be pleased with Him, and informed him to go to the Arab and convey the message that there is a good news for him that Allah had forgiven his sins.


A person came to the blessed grave of the Messenger of Allah, May Allah bless him and grant him peaceand requested food from the Prophet and sat down. After a while a Hashmi [a member of the Prophet’s May Allah bless him and grant him peace] family came to him.


He had with him a tray of food, and said, “this food has been sent by the Prophet, May Allah bless him and grant him peaceand with it he gave a message: Send upon him blessings and salute him fully well in abundance” Thus Follow what Allah is doing and it says “. I said, ‘a quarter of it? Finally I said, ‘and if I dedicate my supplication in its entirety to you? He also has erased from his record ten bad deeds.

It is a means to have one’s sins forgiven.

Full list see link below http: Also think about this point. Beloved, Allahs Name Muhammad- s and recites a formula of salawat as mentioned in Quran ” Salawat ala Rasul Links.

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