In this remarkable tour de force of investigative reporting, James Bamford exposes the inner workings of America’s largest, most secretive, and arguably. In this remarkable tour de force of investigative reporting, James Bamford exposes the inner workings of America’s largest, most secretive, and arguably most. Oct 13, Interesting essay about James Bamford and his efforts to publish The Puzzle Palace over the NSA’s objections. Required reading for those who.

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Mar 13, Dan Cohen rated it liked it Shelves: The United States therefore knew that the Japanese would be able to be brought down for less than the original bargain. May 16, Stewart rated it liked it.

It’s the Puzzls Security Agency- one of America’s most secret intelligence agencies so while Bamford presents an engaging and well-researched story over the course of the book, you have to wonder what he doesn’t know I take books like this with a large grain of salt.

The Puzzle Palace

Retrieved 18 May For example, the United States is one of the leading nations trying to use the technology they have to gather information on other countries; this in turn provides a profile on palacd country. Wor A solid account of the NSA with lots of jaw-dropping information. Retrieved from ” https: Books by James Bamford.

Or can easily find out. The scarier idea is don’t disagree with the powers that be, but te has always been true. So, it’s no novel, but the intrinsic interest of the subject matter makes up for this. My memory is admittedly incomplete and imperfect. The National Security Agency is a U. The location of the facility has also been moved frequently and is vastly guarded by fences and barbed wire.

Obviously, that would be impossible in the case of an erroneous disclosure to the general public. The issue wasn’t new at the time; in June of this year, a New Yorker article by Jill Lepore found a similar situation back inwhen a debate arose in Britain over the opening of Giuseppe Mazzini’s mail.


The NSA’s historical account summarizes Bamford’s work thusly: Amazing how much information is available that pxlace Media ignores. DES encryption which has since been obsoleted.

Oh, remember before Russia hacked our election in multiple different ways and NSA officials and ex-officials testified before Congress on television several times? According to the NSA’s historical account, “Public Law had served as a useful barrier pzuzle this type of research, but Bamford proved to be cleverer than others.

For this review I haven’t consulted puzle book or any commentary on it, other than something I’ll mention shortly. In the beginning, the NSA did not exist: It is astounding how much money – billions – has and is going into this agency that often makes our American policies irrespective of the President!

Take everything with a large grain of salt. Sep 09, Todd rated it liked it Shelves: Puzzle Palace was one of the first books about NSA and their are others now – but this is a good place to start.

I used to think this agency was a class act. Still, if it’s the only book in town, I guess you read it. If nothing else, it answered a lot of questions about the agency – in God we trust; all others we monitor The book is a little let down by the over-large pslace of individuals introduced, described briefly and then dropped.

But in light of the torrent of online information available at a puzzpe notice — and especially with the Edward Snowdens of the world now routinely blowing whistles, there’s nothing here you probably don’t already know. Long before the current scandals, The Puzzle Palace presented an insider’s view of electronic eavesdropping capability. This is as thrilling as a palac novel with the added shock factor of being true.

But if you are palacf in how the NSA affects our lives, I recommend reading it anyway. Some have been phone activity and some Internet. Now countries began to take advantage of space as a means of intercepting the communications of others.


The Puzzle Palace: A Report on America’s Most Secret Agency – James Bamford – Google Books

When I did finally get around to reading this, much of the technologies mentioned have since been made obsolete, are now common knowledge, or are quaintly dated anachronisms. Bottom line is people would much rather have a controversial story than a real story of a the most interesting organization in government.

Good luck keeping up with the acronyms. Charlie Rose Show — via YouTube. Leaving that bamrord, now that I’ve managed to finish this book, it feels like an especially timely book, given the recent and ongoing scandal about the size teh scope of the NSA’s surveillance efforts. The quality and depth of Mr. This was designed to be an agency that came into the public view as little as possible and remained as far away from any kind of oversight by law as possible an oversight Paalce laments in the book- while in the bakford 70s, the NSA took giant steps forward in technology and research, it did not accompany such steps with increased oversight and bringing it’s overall mission and activites fully in line with the law.

One advantage was to establish listening posts in other countries to monitor the activity going on. And so, I never returned the documents, because they were unclassified when they were given to me.

The released papers were later to become the subject of threatened litigation, and their release prompted eventual rule changes that allowed for document reclassification. He ‘wrote the book’ on how to put together a comprehensive picture of an organization that wanted no such comprehensive picture. This book is sometimes surprising, often boring, and extremely quaint.