Over fifty years ago Israel Regardie set himself the gigantic task of making accessible The result is “The Tree of Life, ” a book which has become the definitive. The Tree of Life by Israel Regardie, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Israel Regardie wrote The Tree of Life, a book many consider his magnum opus, in It has continued to sell for decades. And no wonder.

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And what incredible additions they are!

The Tree of Life: A Study in Magic – Israel Regardie – Google Books

During the Second World War he served in the U. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. And finally, to make it even more attractive, they’ve added over illustrations.

Regardie’s supreme struggle, to de-mystify the mysteries! Nov 13, Sam Davidson rated it really liked it.

Llewellyn Worldwide – The Tree of Life: Product Summary

The second significant task carried out by Regardie was, as an Adept, to bring a valid branch of the initiatory lineage of the Golden Dawn to America the alchemical melting pot where the New Age was incubating. Account Options Sign in.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Published December 8th by Llewellyn Publications first published November 30th As Regardie says somewhere, this was really one of the first perhaps the first book on magic intended for ordinary people.

And they did change his transliterations of Hebrew into the more popular style he used in his later books. He also studied psychology, being particularly influenced by ideas from Jungian psychologyand explored Christian mysticism. The Tree of Life: Next, or soon, I plan to revisit Crowley, since this regarde very much an offshoot of his work, and he remains the undisputed master.


The Tree of Life: An Illustrated Study in Magic

At an early age, Regardie worked as Aleister Crowley’s personal secretary. Concerned that the Golden Dawn system of ceremonial magic would be lost, he published the Stella Matutina rituals in a series of books between and By that point, Regardie believed, Crowley had ixrael everything of significance in his life.

Although he had ended his association with Crowley on bad terms, he was angered on reading the first biography of Crowley, The Great Beast by John Symondswhich he thought was unduly negative lice failed to understand Crowley’s beliefs. A little hard to read at times and lacking in a sense of humour – partly understandable in that it was written by a young zealot – but comes into its own in the final chapter, on invocations.

Almost regarddie useful than the book itself is the extensive suggested reading section at the end, pointing towards more advanced works or works on more particular topics.

All of this is in a clear, lucid writing style. I attended Mass and took Holy Communion every Sunday. It’s not really a bad thing – even Agrippa wanted people to believe that his “occult philosophy” wasn’t “really” magic, etc. Anyway, on to the meat of the book: An event, or question you need to ask your boss? Then, in one of those graceful synchronicities which often play midwife to significant magical events, a couple in Georgia were inspired—at that time scarcely aware of what they were undertaking — to build a Rosicrucian Vault, the powerful ritual chamber required to pass on the Adept Initiation, at precisely the time when two magicians one on the east coast of the United States and one on the west coastunknown to each other or to the Georgia couple, came to be ready to receive that Initiation.


Anyone searching for an introduction to the philosophy underlying Western esotericism, will find the perfect starting point in this book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In he returned to the United States. There is no such thing as a quick read through of this and there is much to be mined again and again. There is a treasure house of information that can be gleamed from this work, though the language and style will make you work for One of the first books I ever read dealing with the practical side of ritual practice and construction.

That’s his real name, too. Israel Regardie’s Lost Book of Alchemy. One of the first books I ever read dealing with the practical side of ritual practice and construction. Views Read Edit View history.

The Tree of Life : An Illustrated Study in Magic

While a lot of the language might seem old-fashioned and convoluted by today’s standards, this is one of the points which to me give this volume its special charm. I believe that Regardie is trying to remain faithful to his one time employer, but that at heart he is ultimately a Christian, something I don’t think Crowley would ever let anyone know of, if it were true about himself as well.

Anyway, as the author always says: The book is a jumping off point for most areas of occult practice, but not a full curriculum in-and-of-itself, and shouldn’t be approached that way.

This entailed breaking his oath of secrecy and brought anger from many other occultists.