IEC 6100-3-2 PDF

IEC 6100-3-2 PDF

CENELEC on It is based on IEC In the meantime two amendments (A and. A) have been published. Since February . IEC Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current ≤ ≤ 16A per phase). IEC Limitation of emission of harmonic currents. For more detailed information please refer to the relevant standards available from the organization concerned. Harmonics standard IEC Ed. 3

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The authors have seen some examples of system impedance errors, such as a user that had the power source in one room, and 610-3-2 analysis equipment in another shielded room, almost 20 meters away. Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Requirements for Systems.

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Application and interpretation of fundamental definitions and terms. Introduction Harmonics and voltage-change testing have been part of low frequency emission measurements for CE marking of most electrical products since the mid ? These requirements are shown below in Table 1.

Environment – Section 1: As is the case with the fine details of a harmonic analyzer, it is best to rely on an outside verification, either by an institution like NPL, or by using a product like the CNS Inc.

Normally, the power source is the biggest contributor to these impedance products, so step one is to verify the characteristics of this instrument are well below the values arrived at using the above method.

The power factor of such rectify and smooth apparatus may be as low as 0. Variation of power frequency, immunity test for equipment with input current not exceeding 16 A per phase. Just as with the harmonics test, there are some simple methods to assess a systems suitability for voltage changes measurements however, and those methods need not be complex nor expensive, as will follow from the following description.

We will deal with these possible analyzer errors later. In addition, practical information and guidance for simple verification methods will be provided that should allow the reader to avoid mistakes in performing harmonics and voltage changes tests.

One group with excluded equipment, that needs no testing, and 4 groups A, B, C and D with different requirements as listed in the lower table. As long as the average number of load changes are about 8 – 9 per minute actually 8. Testing and measurement techniques Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields. Any reactance, other than the negligible parasitic inductance and capacitance of the heater, leads to measurement errors. Off-vehicle radiation source Vehicle test methods for electrical disturbances from narrow band radiated electromagnetic energy.


Connect two simple resistive loads in parallel, such as a 60 W lamp and a 1. Next, however, it is equally important to make sure that system wiring impedance is minimal, and the reference impedance if used has a bypass mode with very low impedance as well. December 18th UCL London. In particular, IEC and the predecessor IEC has always covered voltage changes, including isolated voltage changes caused by inrush current. The tops and valleys of the sine wave were flattened. European immunity standard, part2: Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measurement apparatus and methods Part 2: If the power source has a constant voltage, and the EUT current is steady, the voltage drop through the impedance is steady as well.

The difference between the system voltage with just the lamp and the voltage measured when the heater load is added should be very small. The 60 W lamp is mainly intended to have some load, so that the power source is not running idle. All mentioned electronic apparatus need a smoothed DC voltage as supply. The system therefore consisted of a generator, the reference impedance, and voltage-change meter.

To give an example of the effect of this system impedance, Fig. Now turn on the electric heater, and measure the voltage at the lamp. With present day components with wide use, e.

IEC 61000-3-2

Views Read Edit View history. If the power analyzer does not meet the requirements given in IEC Edition 2. This is especially true when the system fails to meet the requirements specified in clause 6 and Annex A of IEC Finally, it will be shown that several of the identified problems detrimentally affect both harmonics and voltage changes measurements. European immunity requirements for information technology equipment, replaced by EN Given that one repeats the pattern for 10 min, the probability is very high for the reported d t and d max values to be very close to the reported d c value?


If the voltage drop is bigger than 0. In this example, a nominal W resistive load that requires normally about 2. Even though excessive voltage distortion of the power source can contribute to measured current harmonics, the distortion levels need to be rather high to produce erroneous test results. Obviously, if the voltage drop is 3. This edition is already withdrawn, and now the 5th edition IEC Just like nobody in an EMC test lab is going to verify the mathematical functions used in an RF receiver and spectrum analyzer, it is 6100-3- the task of an EMC test laboratory to do a complete equipment certification survey for harmonics and voltage fluctuation analysis.

Electromagnetic compatibility EMC Part 3: This Part of the Defense Iecc describes the methods of test to be applied, and where appropriate the limits required to be 6100–2 when measuring the electromagnetic compatibility of Man Worn, Man Portable Equipment for Ministry of Defense use. Only systems having gross performance problems may give erroneous assessments, but these errors are easily identified, even by untrained technicians, as will be shown below. With the system configured for harmonics testing, i.

Similar calculations can be made for higher 6100-3-2 harmonics from orders 11 to 39, for which the maximum permitted voltage distortion during the test has to be less than 0. Road vehicles — Electrical and electronic equipment for a supply voltage of 42 V — Electrical loads.

Road vehicles—Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment. To understand the reasons for measurement errors, we will review error mechanisms that may occur in harmonics test systems. This impedance includes the internal impedance of the power source, the interconnect wiring, and the impedance box. Retrieved from ” https: Make sure both loads are reasonably stable. Furthermore, note that the harmonics pairs such as the fifth and seventh are of the same amplitude but of opposite phase at the zero-crossings of the fundamental.