Download HP A RF IMPEDANCE-ANALYZER OPERATION SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. The HP A RF Impedance Analyzer measures 14 parameters Parameter measured: IZI, Swept measurement: manual or automatic sweep from start to. Agilent A Test Fixture. Operation and Service Manual. Third Edition. Agilent Part No. February Printed in Japan.

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I am able to communicate with the mnual through the GPIB interface, and am also able to retrieve information. I suspect that this difference might be causing my problems.

In particular, after setting up and initiating the instrument, I am initiating the measurement and reading it as follows:. In the code above, MHz is an arbitrary frequency. However, rather than being returned the manyal at MHz, I am returned the data at whatever frequency the analyzer is currently set at.

Solved: GPIB Coding for the HPA Impedence Analyzer – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

The forums emoticons took over for a bit there. I have worked with the A and, as I recall, the commands are nothing like any mwnual instrument I have seen. You really need the manual. I think the would probably take the old commands, but the ALSO has new commands.


Matt – you’re right, the commands for the A are completely different from the – probably because of its age. I went through the manual before, but when I saw their GPIB section, the strings were so convoluted and so unlike anything I’ve ever seen before that I assumed it was referring to hp41911a different.

Agilent / HP 4191A RF Impedance Analyzer

When I gave it a try, though, it worked fine. If not, what would creating a driver for it entail? Should I be looking at doing it with LabView or something else? Most Active Software Boards: Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by manaul possible matches as you type.

HP A for Sale|Impedance Analyzers|Impedance Measurement Products|Test Equipment Center

In particular, after setting up and initiating the instrument, I am initiating the measurement and reading it as follows: Message 1 of 6. Sorry, that last line of code there is supposed to read: Message 2 of 6.

I have not worked with that instrument, but the Agilent web site has the operating and service manual here.


It’s 84MB, so I hope you have a fast link. Message 3 of 6. Accepted by topic author Matt C.


IIRC, the sweep parameters were something like this: Good luck with it Message 4 of 6. Guess you never know until you try!

Thanks for your help guys. Message 5 of 6.

Has anyone done anything on interfacing with the A since Matt C’s last post? Would you mind posting the code you used on the A? Message 6 of 6.