Al Hisnul Hasin is a compilation of the simplification of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) written by the well known Scholars of Hadith, Allamma ibn Al-Jazri (RA). Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Al-Hisn Al-Haseen: Complete Translation & Commentary By Muhammad Al-Jazri Translation & Commentary By Mufti Muhammad Aashiq Elahi English.

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You have found accommodation as welt as food! According to some Ahadeeth the above Kalimah should be re- cited times in the morning and the same number of times in the evening.


If a barren woman fasts for 7 days and each day, after making Iftari, reads A I-Baari’ul-Musa wweru 21 times, Allah will grant her ma. A piece of date should be softened by chewing and using the finger, a tiny piece of this should be placed against his palate.

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Increase me in my knowledge and let not my heart deviate after You have guided me and grant me special mercy from Your presence for You are the one who grants bounties without measure.

Ha]] and Duas Related to Hajj If read excessively before any task, it will be accomplished insha-Allah. Rasoolullah Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam is also reported as saying: Rasoolullah Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasatlam is reported to have said that when anyone finds that his Duas have been granted such as cure from sickness or save return from journeywhat prevents him from thanking Allah in the following words: According to another Hadeeth when a person is seen engaged in buying and selling in the Masjid, say to him: And I testify that Muhammad Sallallaahu-alayhi- wasallam is His servant and apostle.


Allah is Most Great. Anyone who is helpless and unable to take revenge against his enemy should read this Beau- tiful Name of Allah for 3 consecutive Fridays. The Excellence of Surah Faatihah When Someone Calls My Sustained grant me Your fear and purify my soul as You are the best purifier and You are the patron and master of my soul.

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Persons whose Duas are Accepted with Certainty 16 Glory be to Him. AH praise is due to Allah by whose Honour and Majestydeeds of virtue are accomplished. Allah sent him with the True Religion before the approach of The Hour as a harbinger of glad tidings and a envlish. The Etiquette of Zikr. May Allah bless you and shower His blessings on you and may He grant you both a pleasant and prosperous life. When the Muslim Troops Approach their Town In beseeching Allah for anything, the following rules should be observed by a Muslim: The above should be read in the morning and evening.

Tasks will be accomplished without difficulty if recited excess- ively. Thirst has vanished, veins have moistened and Allah willing, reward for the fast is certainly fixed.

O Allah, we ask of You, during this journey, virtue, piety and actions that please You. To subdue ones foe, it should be said 11 times at any time or before meeting him.

Make peace and reconciliation. You will certainly judge between Your servants on the Day of Qiyaamah in the matter on which they differ today.

None is worthy of worship except Allah alone ; He has no part- ner; to Him belongs the kingdom; and to Him is due all praise; He has power over all things. AH sovereignty belongs to Him and a!! Salaatut Tasbeeh and its Procedure I rely on Allah.


And The Hour is certain to approach there is no doubt in that. Let Your curse be on those unbelievers who prevent people from treading Your path and who belie the prophets and who fight Your chosen ones. And whoso recites it in the evening will remain protected till the morning. But if time does not permit, it should be recited at 55 least 10 times.

Duas when Awakening 75 Dua After Talbiyah Many Ulama including Shaikh Imdaad Al-Maqdasi have con- firmed the assured acceptance of Dua between the two names of Allah in the above verse. I seek Your protection from indolence and evil old hisnhl and haisn the ordeals of the world and chastisement of the grave.

The Etiquette of Dua. Rasooiullah Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam used to read the above Duas when he used to either undertake or enylish from a journey. Make me of the repen ters and make me of the purified. Help, O servants of Allah, help! Reciting the above-mentioned three Quls and the last- mentioned verses constitute much thawaab and great reward.

Dua to be Hasun when a Person Dies When 1 completed this collection by correcting and arranging it, I was summoned by an enemy ie.