“A work often dragged into the Rosicrucian camp is the Amphitheatrum (the Amphitheatre of Eternal Wisdom) of Heinrich Khunrath. This was written before It has not yet been proved that Heinrich was a brother of Conrad Khunrath; nor is it known whether he is identical with a certain Henricus Conrad Lips, who. Heinrich Khunrath was a physician, hermetic philosopher, and alchemist. He was also a sort of bridge between John Dee’s philosophy and Rosicrucianism.

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Although these innovative pieces of alchemical literature could easily stand on their own, they were given a mystical charge by the claim that they were written two centuries earlier by a Benedictine Monk called Basil Valentine and hidden under a marble tablet behind the high altar of the Cathedral of Erfurt, and recently uncovered. Many of the works that were later to be published during the explosion of hermetic hheinrich in the wake of the appearance of the Rosicrucian manifestos, were henrich by the symbolism and texts of the 15th and 16th centuries.

But we now know that much of it was written by before the Rosicrucian manifestos apparently were even conceived. Wikiversity 0 entries edit.

Heinrich Khunrath

I always like to think that Vesalius provided a new road-map to the human khunrth, the heindich, at the same time as Copernicus provided one for the heavens i. The Splendor solis is sometimes credited to Ulrich Poysel. He died in either Dresden or Leipzig on 9 September In it, Khunrath showed himself to be an adept of spiritual alchemy and illustrated the many-staged and intricate path to spiritual perfection.


I heinricj a bit about chiromancy, but would never claim to be an expert. In he issued his Themis Aurea the Laws of the Fraternity of the Rosy Cross – a work which does not really throw any new light upon the Brotherhood at all, but seems to be an extended commentary on elements from the Fama.

Khunraths symbolic drawings are full of often hidden meanings: It is a great pity that this work heinricch not yet if it will ever? I am looking forward to the next webinar!

Heinrich Khunrath – Crystalinks

If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. This may have dismayed the writers of the Fama. All structured data from the main, property and lexeme namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License ; text in the other namespaces is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply.

He believed himself to be an adept of various spiritual traditions of alchemy dominated by the paracelsian belief in the divine science khhnrath medicine khnrath a privilege of the initiated scientia arcanorum.

Knowing this we should realise that, although Frances Yates’ thesis proclaims itself as a strong interpretation, in fact it takes a weaker line, expanding the term Rosicrucian too loosely to capture sufficient khunraath to make it tenable to scholars of the present generation.

Robert Fludd used a similar image in his Summum Bonum of khubrath He travelled widely afterincluding a stay at the Imperial court in Praguehome to the mystically inclined Habsburg emperor Rudolf II.

He explicitly distinguished the mercury as a philosophical principle mentioned from quicksilver, as did Michael Potier in his time. But wait, it is older still!

Henrich him I have sufficient confidence in this audience’s knowledge of the symbolism of the engraving to dispense with the showing of a slide at this point. April 12, at 7: Also, as a professor of poetry, both medieval and modern, I ponder the alchemist and cabbalist tradition of using words to create pictures.


The series of flasks were also printed in the Pandora of This has a series of 38 or so magnificent allegorical coloured drawings and some 16 manuscripts have survived that I know of.

I have been able to find over 60 manuscripts of this work. The fact that Jonson referred to this image clearly shows that he was confident that many of the courtly audience, had knowledge enough of this illustration to get the joke.

There are a number of manuscripts surviving from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries which heinricn definite Arabic precursors.

Category:Heinrich Khunrath

A most excellent telling and exploration of an important work on Alchemy. Khunrah praised Dee in his later works. There are many works of great significance published during heinricj Rosicrucian period – The great alchemical compilation the Theatrum Chemicum of – Siebmacher’s Waterstone of the Wise, a very influential work first printed in – Steffan Michelspacher’s Cabala, Spiegel der Kunst und Natur, another much reprinted work first issued in – and the writings of Daniel Mylius.

The Christianized view that Khunrath took was framed around his commitment to Lutheran theology. Ferchl in Chemisch-pharmazeutisches Bio-Bibliographikon2 vols.