Hardball (V.I. Warshawski Novel) [Sara Paretsky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hired to track down a man who has been missing for. V.I. Warshawski is back, as cranky and committed as ever. And author Sara Paretsky has a few pet peeves and projects of her own. Photo: Steven E. Gross. Review: “Hardball” by Sara Paretsky. Amy GutmanSpecial to the Tribune. Just back from an Italian vacation, a chastened but still intrepid wki soon.

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For six stormy weeks back in high school, V. Another nice thing about Paretsky’s books is the clear class consciousness, the feminism, and the anti-racism. Warshawski, a female private investigator working the tougher side of Chicago.

It confronts the past painfully but in a balanced way; although it does not condone white violence, it does attempt to recreate the time to show why poor immigrant whites, who’d faced their own discrimination to get a hold on a decent life, felt threatened by african-americans who were denied their rights. Once or twice however things became so convoluted my brain was spinning trying to sort out who did what to who.

But in politics, in business, and in law enforcement, the game is hardball. Relationships were complicated, moving, and yet remained believable. Books by Sara Paretsky. Patricia Watts and Stan Jones. Despite its slghtly clunky, heavy-handed narrative I could only ever exhort Paretsky to keep paertsky coming.

One of my faves.

May 09, Kelly Hager rated it it was amazing. An antidote to the female victims and vamps in Chandler-esque crime fiction, she hhardball a Golden Age of women sleuths and crime novelists.

VI usually called Vic by her friends and various unpleasant names by people who are emphatically not her friends has been hired to find a missing person.

Ultimately, the story comes out on multiple levels–she must confront the legacy of race left in Chicago those past thirty years, including police corruption that Vic is not sure her much beloved father was involved in or not. Martin Luther King’s life. Digging into this ancient history stirs passions and fears of what secrets might be revealed. But other readers have been incensed with some of her stances, and have let her know it.



This is a heck of a good book. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. So our harrball hot tempered detective has to find sarra what happened to her as well, and it turns out to be complicated and intertwined.

It was the night of the Iraq invasion and Paretsky was asked to change her topic. A chance encounter with a homeless veteran leads Vic into the investigation of the disappearance of a young member of the Victoria Warshawski’s father Tony was “the finest policeman who ever lived” in the opinion of Bobby Mallory the current Chief of Police in Chicago.

This is the latest VI Warshawski mystery, and it’s fantastic.

This one had both. Chicago politics-past, present, and future-take center stage in “New York Times”-bestselling author Sara Paretsky’s brilliant new V. So she is always kind of pissed off with me too. They came from a television, where a minister was exhorting us to send him money for letting us know how very sinful we are. Yet the draw of the past is paramount.

This Is What Happened. I never really solved the problem of how to do the story trajectory without a V. I’m not even sure I’ll finish it. If it wasnt a good read win, I probably wouldnt have made it that far. Aug 18, Lisa rated it really liked it. Belated, but while he is still alive, Steve is exonerated. Also, I was put off by the number of different characters introduced at the beginning.

These lessons may be as timely now as they were in the s, when Paretsky, working in the male-dominated insurance industry as a marketing manager, first envisioned V.

Review: “Hardball” by Sara Paretsky

praetsky This is one series where I would like to catch up and am tempted by the idea of doing it in a couple of months rather than a couple of years. Life is all about choices, too. If social issues are mentioned they are always seen from a progressive point of view.


It’s just unbelievable at this point that she’s not suffering from some long term medical issues due to her always being beat up, shot, or something is blowing up near her in every book. She is investigating the disappearance of a young black man forty years earlier. I like a cleaner, more focused mystery than the current one by Paretsky, however. Those who have enjoyed this series from its beginning inwill surely enjoy this entry. I read this relatively longish novel in just two sittings and even felt its pull when I wasn’t greedily turning the pages.

Ultimately, old photos are found that shows clearly that it is the sentatorial candidate’s father who killed Harmony with a baseball that had nails driven into it, thus the novel’s titlethat Vic’s uncle petra’s father was present, and that a number of policemen conspired to protect ‘their own’ and pinned the murder on Vic.

Along the way she paints a vibrant mural of a city and its people struggling with their troubled past, present, and future. However, Paretsky brings them powerfully together.

Hardball (V.I. Warshawski, #13) by Sara Paretsky

The Winter issue of Clues: The character were unforgettable, from the young and beautiful cousin Petra, to her neighbor Mr. That says something about me. That doesn’t harbdall like a big deal, but consider that most mysteries pick out a political stance or belief then drape the whole story on this flimsy framework. This aspect was most well developed in Blacklist which linked the modern War on Terror with McCarthyism hxrdball repression during the ‘s Red Scare – also highly recommended but it is also well represented here.

Books of the Week.