Manacle & Coin is the latest offering from White Wolf for their Exalted line, and I am glad that this book has finally seen print within the main. Manacle and Coin is a sourcebook for Exalted First Edition covering the Guild and its practices throughout Creation. Contents[show] Summary. In 3rd Ed will the great information from Manacle and Coin be published in This book is on the economy of the world of Exalted gives specific.

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Manacle and Coin in 3rd Ed. Manacle and Coin in 3rd Ed I don’t know if this has been addressed and i would like to know. In 3rd Ed will the great information from Manacle and Coin be published in another book like before or will it be found in the core book. Have the exact cost of items really helped out many of my campaigns and I would love to see this same information either republished or add into a book.

This book is on sxalted economy of the world of Exalted gives specific information on The Guild, its history and structure, drugs – the soft trade, slaves – doin hard trade, plus money and finance in Creation. Like the Sun I am relentless even in death There are two parts to this: Not that it was written for 3E, but it was meant to be useful for a 3E game as well.

I’m guessing years away at best. This is only my estimate, but seeing as how the last book printed was a Guild and economics book, I don’t think they will release another one right away.

Want to write for Exalted? Look at the freelancer submission guidelines. They’ve talked up writing details on how organizations in Creation are put together being in the corebook written by Grabowski, no less so much, that I think we’ll be covered for how to run encounters with the Guild without being specifically focused on it.

Cokn personally like another little preface of the Realm’s currency to any discussion of financial systems in ccoin setting, but I don’t think it’s strictly necessary; all the exact moving parts don’t matter as much as the general texture.

And at least some sense of how things are valued but not their precise costs, which would be market dependent anyway is certainly necessary if they’re going to have Charms based around being a merchant or financier. I have approximate knowledge of many things. Sadly no one wants to deal with money based book keeping in RPGs. This is why the Resources style background is preferred by many.

If you don’t believe me, for a moment consider what games would be like if mote pools were treated like Resources and only dropped if you used a charm with an Essence score equal to your permanent level and the rest could be used endlessly until the ST said otherwise? I have no issue with the Resources system being in place for providing a simple mechanic where a character who runs a successful business or is the ruler of a kingdom uses such an abstraction to avoid book keeping headaches.


But it is has no place being used as the default system across the board. I don’t think a spread is enough to really represent a wide variety of income levels, but I sure as hell don’t want to be tracking gp either. If a player uses this Charm in an abusive or exploitative manner, the ST may punch him right in the goddamn face. Originally posted by Zelbinnean View Post. Originally posted by Ejtaka View Post.

Mostly a good thing to simplify money. It means it has to be handled narratively.

I would call it a benefit for the types of cion Exalted wants to tell, even if it is a little unrealistic. Originally posted by Thoth View Post. I dare say that Exalted has gotten progressively closer to being a spectacle fighter Devil May Cry, Bayoneta, etc emulator for table top play, rather than one of building stories of adventure and empire building.

The majority of the mechanics are combat related, then non-combat systems have a tendency to either be dumbed down IMO or be forced into an emulation of a combat mechanic. So in the end regardless what sort of character you exzlted to make, you have to be a combat build on a personal level to have a hope to get through a game.

In short what exalted needs is less combat and more support for other play styles. Comparing Exalted with other gaming systems, it’s surprising how little support there is in rules for trade. Sure you’re supposed to abstract your wealth as resources. But you abstract it in other games, too – for example, in Rogue Trader, your wealth is an abstract figure called “Profit Factor”.

But still, in RT, when you reach an Imperial hive world and decide to do some shopping, hunting for a few sets of a certain type of power armor let’s say which is generally older than most artifacts in Exaltedyou first roll on a table to determine availability, you or your seneschal make a few rolls representing putting some feelers out dirtside, coim for rumors of sellers, which can take weeks.

Exalted Manacle and Coin (Exalted) | LJ Wolfe’s library | TinyCat

Then, once you contact one, you make several more rolls to haggle with the seller, opposed. When you’re finished, you make a final acquisition test against your Profit Factor, modified by the quality of the power armor goodits scarcity extremely rare and the scale one unitand any success you’ve had on the haggling, to see if exaoted actually manage to acquire it. In Exalted, there are really no rules for how to deal with these things.


If the players want to look for a majacle artifact in Nexus, the storyteller has to figure it out all on his own, basically inventing his own rules and procedures, and it makes things a lot more difficult, in a game that’s already difficult to run. Last edited by TSk ; Exalged, Infernals, Dragon Kings, martial arts.

The Sxalted system was originally written for the World of Darkness, which assumed PC’s had access to things like day jobs, stocks, bonds, banks, checks, debit manaclle, cash, traveller’s checks, etc.

So it doesn’t work quite as well in a fantasy world like Exalted where barter is often more common than cash. Your character’s “Resources” take the form of a manacpe herd of cattle.

How the heck do you handle this when your character travels to Nexus? Do you take the whole herd of cattle with you? Do you leave it behind and have Resources zero? If you trade it to the local merchants for jade coins, how many coins do you get to equal your Resources 5 herd of cattle?

How can you carry all of these coins around with you? And of course, walking around with all of your 5 dots in resources in your pocket is problematic. You end up just handwaving certain parts, which is a little unfortunate.

Still, for a game like Exalted I think an abstract system resources system is better. In fact, many monsters especially when you go back into 2nd edition specifically have money-gated mechanics. In contrast, in Exalted money doesn’t matter that much. Artifacts and magical objects are separate from your resources, and you could have a grand daiklave, a set of artifact armor and an airship, and still have zero resource dots you, uhh, found them in your manse.

It’s just that the current Resource mechanic, which is based off of a modern RPG, have certain conceits and assumptions that don’t translate as well to a fantasy game like Exalted, so I wouldn’t mind if the authors took a closer look at it.

I’d type up some quotes for you from Debt about why the notion of barter as a pre-money institute and, for that matter, the notion of “reverting to barter” is a complete myth based on the wishful thinking of a man two hundred years dead, but I’m posting from my phone, which makes it a more ponderous task. Instead, I’m going to suggest you read David Graeber’s book, and in the meantime not consider the idea of Exalted having traveler’s checks as ridiculous.

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