EUMIG SUPER 8 STANDARD 8MM SOUND RETRO CINE FILM MOVIE PROJECTOR | Cameras & Photography, Vintage Photography, Vintage Projectors. EUMIG D SONOMATIC (All 8mm gauges sound and silent) Eumig proudly announced the arrival of this top machine with great acclaim ‘A. Offered in Catawiki’s Photographica Auction (Video & Film Equipment): Eumig Sonomatic 8mm film projector (All 8mm – with sound).

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It is currently Mon Dec 31, 5: This forum will not delete, lock up, or edit any posts. On this forum, you are “free” to question any statement that is not understood, and debate any differences you have with another member. We only moderate when a member will not back up his accusations. There are no condescending attitudes from the Administrator or the Moderator. You will be treated with respect. Mon Oct 31, 8: The D was to mark the end of the vast series of sound projectors and at the time I remember feeling rather sad to see this particular range come to an end as it was really popular around the cine circuit for film makers and home projectionists, not least because the D had a new colour scheme, improved design and was pretty sexy to look at.

It was the heaviest of the range weighing 284 at 8. This machine built still further on Eumig pedigree of solid construction and reliability and it did not disappoint the user. It topped the range even offering eukig address facility, high low lamp switching and the all important manual record level control for perfect recording of sound.

These days ft seems to be enough as the trend does seem to be to leave feature films in original boxes and on original ft reels. The system of editing or recording sound was proving so popular then euig books were even produced to help you create what could have been the perfect sound track utilising Sonomatic.


The largest Std 8 image I have projected would be 8ft, 10ft with Super 8 and using the internal amplification through an external Tannoy loud speaker with very good results. Images are steady and projecting either gauges with cement or tape wumig are no problem to the D, providing splices are well made obviously as with all films. Eumig machines had a very good and solid paint job and this one is easy to spot as the majority of the D is black. Once again they came in two incarnations which are easy to distinguish as follows.

The first batch were with a higher gloss rear bodywork and the later versions were very close to a matt black, so if you start to look for this projector it is worth sticking to the less glossy rear finish as it will be of eumib recent construction.

All in all then a desirable machine which only had one shortcoming that being the focus pin. For some eumigg Eumig at the last minute changed the type used on the D moving the locating pin onto the lens which does wear down if previous owners have been a bit heavy handed so worth watching out for worn lenses.

History says eumih these are one hell of a work horse machine and yes they in the main do seem to go forever. They are relatively simple to use and changing from 8mm to super 8mm is just a simple swap over of gates and sprockets.

Removing the gate makes for very easy cleaning in the palm of your hand and I have found this particular model to be simply excellent in both audio playback and recording of sound. Mon Oct 31, Looks eumg a nice machine. I wonder why Eumig never made a ft capacity machine.

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Mon Oct 31, 9: I’ll take two of these magnificent machines. The tone control is a real plus, as is the 1. Can you release the film from the path mid way through?

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to do this with my Mark D.


Filmshooting is under construction

Tue Nov 01, 4: None of the range allowed removal of the film from the sound head area which if it was a feature you were hoping for you could be disappointed, but I have never found this to be a feature needed this end although it may come in handy for some perhaps. Thanks Lee for this informative piece. Is this the last 8mm machine designed? As I have obtained a couple of nice std 8mm features, Eimig was thinking what sumig the std 8mm equivalent of the Elmo GS.

Eumjg guess it’s this machine then, apart rom reel capacity? Tue Nov 01, 5: As far as a modern dual gauge projector is concerned then this is it being the last in the line for Standard and Super 8mm Sound.

You do regularly see Eumig range projectors at film fairs here and of course over the internet for sale as Eumig were indeed the largest manufacturer of cine projectors in the world so with a little patience a good machine can be found.

But yes, if you are after a modern Std 8 sound projector then look for a D or D.

Eumig produced the machine with a single drive motor, in a compact design which is more of less shoulder bag size and light to carry. Sun Dec 09, 8: I have an in mint shape with carrying case, manual and extras. Unsure if I wanna sell, though. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Display posts from previous: You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum 8244 cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.