Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry, Revised and Expanded 2nd # in eBooks | | | File type: PDF . Emotional Vampires has ratings and reviews. Greta said: Emotional vampires draw you in, then drain you. At first, emotional vampires look bette. “Emotional Vampires,” a term defined by Albert J. Bernstein, PhD in his book Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry–are.

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You’ll see aspects of your family, your friends, your co-workers and — gasp!

Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry

And for the rest of the week, praise others for the things they have done right. Even people with small traces of personality disorders can show the same pattern of being alluring, draining, and fiendishly difficult to understand.

Emotional vampires draw you in, then drain you. Do they need your attention all the time and expect you to put their needs before everything else in your life?

It even helps you to know more about yourself: Upon reading it and based on my experience to boot, my answer is yeah. This book is concise and offers very practical advice on dealing with very difficult people, those with tendencies towards witth variety of personality disorders. Due to popular demand, the author has released a revised and expanded second edition.

Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry – By Albert J. Bernstein

And it is probably better to begin with this summary presentation before delving into a more elaborate exploration of the subject. We are famous for not seeing forests because of all the trees. I was able to quickly locate the informa I bought this book about 5 years ago, when I was dealing with a difficult situation at work. One of wwith most insightful lessons I walked away with was his six daily questions:. If it’s done to you more than twice, you are as complacent in “error” as the other.


For a more in-depth treatment of the subject, exploring Judith Orloff’s other works will be beneficial. I acknowledge my negativity, flaws, and shortcomings fipetype try to work on them as best I can. I was looking for the answer to the exact title: Looking good is their specialty. And there are any number of manipulative tools—histrionics, playing the victim, pathological giving, subtle rese This is an entertaining and informative book that makes you conscious of people out there who may be unconsciously sucking the life force out of you in any number of ways.

Sounds True – The Empath’s Survival Guide

I hope I am on the milder end of it. Imagine a date with the man or woman of your dreams. On Positive Energy Practices, she offers many life-saving prescriptions for transforming fatigue, stress, and fear into vibrance, strength, and love. And wasn’t just reading to avoid the “vampiric, emotionally”, either: The second-longest wait in the world is for Obsessive-Compulsives to make a decision. Discard any possible outcomes that forces Bully to back down.

The universe has provided me a way to tap into my own potential, and I must use that potential for a worthwhile cause.


Emotional vampires that wmotional There is a lot of good information contained in the book. I am finished doing that. I have chuckled a fair bit while reading Emotional Vampires. They believe that they never do anything unacceptable, like making mistakes or having bad thoughts about anyone.

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Sounds True – Positive Energy Practices

The author, Albert Bernstien, a clinical psychologist and business consultant, outlin This is a book about dealing with people family members, coworkers, significant others who drain you emotionally, financially, and any other way you can imagine.

Emotional vampires because metaphorically speaking, they suck you to death.

I can at most relate to one or two types of emotional vampires. Wonderfully accessible and practical look at a handful of not-quite personality disorders. We all have some tendencies in the direction of personality disorders. Sep 22, C. Dracula via Universal Emotioanl ]. Better you should sneak up on their blind side with an ego massage and learn how to give them the adulation they need without giving in.

I enjoyed the book, I found it engagingly written, and I appreciate what the author accomplished. They must be given specific instructions.

Moreover, I doubt all the five chapters of therapy and self-help for each vampire type would be applicable to you either.