The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco The Alienist by Caleb Carr The Historian by El alienista Laszlo Kreizler, el periodista y narrador de esta historia John. El thriller en que se basa la serie de TV The Alienist. Nueva York, John Schuyler Moore, reportero de sucesos de The New York Times, recibe en. The Alienist by Caleb Carr, , available at Book Depository with free Los Angeles Times “You can smell the fear in the air.

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The Alienist “explores the causes of insanity and criminality, and ultimately the nature of evil”.

Holmes and Jesse Pomeroy. Needless to say the team’s hard work eventually pays off and leads to a dramatic climax. The Hartford Courant Co. Fast-paced and riveting, infused with historical detail, The Alienist conjures up Gilded Age New York, with its tenements and mansions, corrupt cops and flamboyant gangsters, shining opera houses and seamy gin mills.

Although I could feel that background Update: Despite the reservations The Alienist as a whole has provided me an interesting and gripping reading experience. This was a very interesting, very thick book.

I tend not to like historical fiction, but this one blew me away. Fast-paced and riveting, infused with historical detail, The Alienist conjures up Gilded Age New York, with its tenements and mansions, corrupt cops and flamboyant gangsters, shining opera houses and seamy gin mills.

I am sure I missed a few who calbe cameos as I read, but they all flow so seamlessly into and out of the story that you never think that the author is deliberately shoving them in there to give the story any heft or weight to it.

Kreizler is allenist by those he has rescued, including his black servant, Cyrus Montrose, and a boy named Stevie “Stevepipe” Taggert. Of course, it is deplorable that children are being murdered.

Newspaper reporter John Schuyler Moore is summoned by his friend Dr. What the hell is Smonk?


It was fascinating to be reading about suspect profiling and ‘building a case’ in caer time when cars were still a horse and cart, fingerprint reading was deemed to be a dubious way to collect evidence and women were perfect for secretarial roles but not detective work. The kind of attitudes modern readers would feel comfortable with, however likely they may have been in New York I was expecting for Dr.

El alienista / The Alienist by Caleb Carr | : Books

From there the two embark on a revolutionary effort in criminology: Another reader on Goodreads referred to Caleb Carr’s, The Alienist as being “historically interesting. It was a small annoyance compared to the rest of this very intricately weaved mystery.

Little stuff that bugged me? Despite falling out of favor by the middle of the twentieth century, it received renewed attention when used in the car of Caleb Carr’s novel, The Alienist A young street urchin, Stevie, saved from a miserable future by the good doctor, and a very loyal servant named Cyrus round out this rag-tag group that confront the unthinkable.

Alienist author Caleb Carr returns to series

This book is fantastic! Thus I lowered my overall rating to 4. Akienist wanted to get it read before the TNT series starts January 22 – it looks so good! Me thinks its going to be fantastic. I will definitely be checking out the sequel. For example, the book refers to Dr.

The Alienist (Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, #1) by Caleb Carr

From there the two embark on a revolutionary effort in criminology: A jarring note in the story for me is a nebulous, unlikely romance that doesn’t ring true. Here, we do have some nice tie-ins to real events and personas from late s NYC. Jul 30, Nick Pageant rated it it was amazing Shelves: Arguably the slog is done on purpose, as its during a downturn in the investigation, but there’s also some character drama which happens which didn’t quite have the emotional impact on me it ought to have because I never really connected with the characters as people so once the focus kind of shifted to that again, instead of the investigative techniques, my interest started waning again.


With a background in non-fiction, he has very clearly done his homework for this novel. And on the flip side A gag had been wrapped around his head, holding his painted mouth open at a painful angle. During their inquiries, the investigators are constantly followed, threatened, harassed, hampered, and even attacked. Another friend of his is Dr.

It picked up towards the end – but I had a bit of an issue with the way the reader is brought along the investigation the whole time only to be left in the dark towards the end so that we could be wowed by the various happenings.

However, in this context, professionals are more often referred to as forensic psychologists. The photo is actually a cut out of composer Edvard Grieg copied onto a picture of Roosevelt.

Georgio eventually left home and lived on the streets as a male-for-male prostitute. It seems that powerful forces in the city – including slumlords, businessmen, gang bosses, ex-cops, and religious leaders – don’t want the child killings investigated. The story’s fatalism grows tedious Moore and Kreizler, along with Sarah, one of the first women hired by the NYPD as a secretary, but still one of the first and of the Isaacson brothers, policemen who have trained in many new and untried fields.

I just watched the trailer for the series of this being put out by TNT. Laslo Kreizler fan or should I be more accurate and state that I am a big fan of the pairing between Lazlo and the narrator of the story, crime reporter, John Schyuler Moore.

If you are a fan of fast-paced crime stories – then stay rather away. I didn’t really like it as much as I’d wanted to, so a two star label fits better for me – two stars is for ‘it was ok’.