Eurand’s Diffucaps® technology enables the development of once-daily controlled-release (CR) capsules or patient-friendly orally disintegrating tablet ( ODT). Download scientific diagram | ORBEXA ® Technology 3) DIFFUCAPS ® Technology: Diffucaps is a multiparticulate bead system comprised of multiple layers of. DIFFUCAPS ® technology 4) DIFFUTAB ® Technology: Diffutab technology enables customized release profiles and region-specific delivery. Diffutab.

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National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. There are certain conditions for which such a release pattern is not suitable that demand release of a drug after a lag time. Ritschel WA, Forusz H. Water diffuses into the interior of the particle when particle come in contact with aqueous fluids in the gastrointestinal tract and resultant technolovy solutions eiffucaps across the release coat to the exterior.

Floating or pulsatile drug delivery systems based on coated effervescent cores.

The diffucpas time increases with increasing coating thickness and hardness of the core table. BP is at its lowest during the sleep cycle and rises steeply during the early morning.

9. Pulsatile Drug Delivery System: Method and Technology Review

Pulsatile drug delivery systems have the potential to bring new developments in the therapy of many diseases. This system controls release rates for multiple ingredients within a single tablet in a programmed manner.

Pulsatile drug delivery is defined as the rapid and transient release of certain amount of molecules within a short time period immediately after a predetermined off-released hechnology, i.

Magnetically triggered nanocomposite membranes: Then, the beads are filled into hard gelatine capsules for ease of administration 18,19,20, Use of an oscillating magnetic to regulate the drug delivery from a polymer matrix was one of the first methodologies investigated to develop an externally controlled drug delivery system.

Diffucaps® Customized Release Technology | Adare Pharmaceuticals | CPhI Online

It is reported that the weak and non-flexible ethyl cellulose film ruptured adequately as compared with more flexible films. Sulfonylurea, Insulin Arthritis Level of pain increases at night. The Time Multiple Action Delivery System provides control release rate of multiple ingredients within a single tablet Lodotra TM delivers the active pharmaceutical ingredient at the most suitable time of day to treat the disease.


To achieve controlled release, a multilayered tablet constructed using two basic components, hydrophilic polymers, dirfucaps as hydroxypropyl methycellulose HPMCand surface-controlling barriers.

Finally, hydro gel collapses and these results in an enhanced rate of release of soluble drug held within the matrix 1, 3, 14, The length of plug decides lag time. When water from the gastrointestinal tract get in touch with the polymer coated beads, the water soluble polymer gradually dissolves and the drug diffuses through the resulting pores in the coating.

The shell was constructed from thermo responsive PIPAAm, while the core comprised of hydrophobic polymer aggregates. Inflammation-induced pulsatile release Any physical or chemical stress, such as injury, fracture etc. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. These contained drug concentration gradients designed to complement the volumetric non-uniformity of eroding shells.

These gels shrink at a transition temperature that is referred to the lower critical solution temperature LCST of the linear polymer.

This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Patel and Patel developed a modified Pulsincap device containing diclofenac sodium to target the drug in the colon.

Because the tablets are produced in a single step while the punches make one rotation on a turntable, there is no longer any need for diffucapd separate stage to deliver the core. In case of cardiovascular diseases, BP is at its lowest during the sleep cycle and rises steeply during the early morning period.

9. Pulsatile Drug Delivery System: Method and Technology Review | Insight Medical Publishing

This reaction can be used to drive the swelling of a pH-dependent membrane. OROS delivery systems were adopted for poorly water soluble drugs.

Recent advances in oral pulsatile drug delivery. The circadian disorders generally require chronopharmacotherapy, which can be easily accomplished by pulsatile drug delivery system in a very organized manner. It is particularly suitable for tablet that cause gastroirritation and disintegrates rapidly.


These conditions demand release of drug after a lag time. Vinupama S, Shwetha S. Electric field induces release As these devices diffuca;s polyelectrolyte thus are pHresponsive as yechnology as electro responsive. Kost and coworkers depicted an ultrasound-enhanced polymer.

In this System, a capsule coated with semi permeable membrane is employed Figure. Dalvadia H, Pate JK. This type of glyco-sensitive gel may have potential utilitiy in self-regulated drug releasing systems as well as in other applications, such as actuators, regulators and separation systems with glyco-sensitivity.

An Approach for controlled drug delivery. Thickness of the coating decides technooogy lag time. Sharma S and Pawar A: World Patent ; A delay of drug action may be required for a variety of reasons. Chronpharmaceutics, pulsatile drug delivery system as current trend. One prominent application of this technology has been the development of a system that can automatically release insulin in response to elevated blood glucose levels. Preparation of enteric coated timed-release press-coated tablets and evaluation of their function by in vitro and in vivo tests for colon targeting.

Recent technologies in pulsatile drug delivery systems

One of the common characteristics of temperature-sensitive polymers is the presence of hydrophobic groups, such as methyl, ethyl and propyl groups. Polyelectrolyte contains polymers with comparatively high concentration of ionisable groups along the backbone chain.

In this technology, chronotherapy focused presscoated technoloty are used in which an active drug remain surrounded by an outer tablet layer consists of a mixture of hydrophobic wax and brittle material. Although several milestones have been reached in this respect, there are still some unexplored facets of pulsatile drug delivery that can open new vistas through better engineering of the same.

They provide constant drug levels at the site of action and prevent the peak-valley fluctuations.