Deodat Roche. (), the historian of Catharism. Language Filter. Filter content by language (under No language option there are photos, documents. Deodat Roche. (), the historian of Catharism. Sprache Filter. Filter content by language (under No language option there are photos, documents. Déodat Roché, (cropped).jpg × ; 10 KB. media legend. Déodat Roché, en (French). 0 references. sex or gender · male.

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La Berlin de entreguerras era una ciudad conocida en toda Europa por su sub-cultura bohemia y sus jovenes intelectuales.

El eoche considerado igualmente como mason, rosacruz, luciferino, y un agente de la Sociedad Thule. Brethren, I have invited you here to this ancient, invisible theatre with the intention of not only unmasking the killer God responsible for these crimes against ‘reality’, but more cogently, to provide an unambiguous solution to two or perhaps three long running esoteric enigmas!

I salute rochee who have stayed with the program from the top. For late joiners I include an index to conjure order out of the scrolling chaos and serve as an aid memoir for those hardy few who dare read further.


I have very little keyboard time at present and less in the months to come.


Until we meet again this strange saga is my gift to you. Ab besuchte er das humanistische Gymnasium erst ceodat Bingen, wo er bis zum Beginn des Ersten Weltkriegs lebte.

What little I have read suggests that the Cathars had different, not entirely coherent views on Edodat Christ, but that they were not quite in consonance with what Mr.

Reference to a couple of scholarly sources would be much appreciated. Ed Jajko asked Christopher Jones to give sources for his statements about the Cathars. To the best of my knowledge and a fact that was reconfirmed to me by the roceh copyright holder in Germany, Rahn’s book was never translated into English although Spanish, French and Italian versions exist.

~ House of Déodat Roché – Tourist Office Pays de Couiza

The book was first published in In Marchthe Cathars that had been locked inside the castle for months finally surrendered; approximately were burned goche masse in a bonfire at the foot of the pog when they refused to renounce their convictions. This visit is not substantiated. I found these connecting links: What was the Church afraid of? Don Quichotte and the deeodat concepts of the necklace image and of the Island of Dreams.


Deodat Roche | Otto Rahn Memorial

Speculation still foche around Foche Rahn and his research. From an early age, he became interested in the legends of ParsifalHoly GrailLohengrin, and the Nibelungenlied. Rahn is quoted as saying that “It was a subject that completely captivated me””. In the 13th century, the Church came down against the Cathar s, who had settled in the French Pyrenees.

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Otto Rahn im Wikipedia. The Cathars and Otto Rahn.

To Rennes or not to Rennes? Otto Rahn in Wikipedia.

The Wanderings of the Grail: Facebook Like Google Plus One. Empfehlen Sie uns auf Google.