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The relationship that builds between these two characters is awesome and the tension, electric! The book starts 20 years later when this child, Gabriella, an average, not-good-at-much college student learns of her lineage and inherits the knowledge that she is different and potentially the most powerful magic being in existence.


ligght Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Dorian gives every other leading man in a book a run for their money!!

It took just a little longer to s.l.jennijgs know who he was, but I didn’t want Gabi to stop being with him because I had the feeling that he cared more than he should. Him and Gab’s didn’t hit it off right away but she eventually warmed up to him.

But he must do s.l.jenninsg that force her to question his loyalty and true intentions. BUT i think shes a talented writer and a real sweetheart as well! She ignored the alarm bells for the sake of pleasure and a little slice of peace from her mixed-up life. Your Dark is showing.


Review: THE DARK PRINCE (Dark Light Series #2) by S.L. Jennings

I so did not see things unfolding like this and my heart shattered into a million pieces. It’s something he will hold onto as s.ljennings as he can.

Jennings has said that she’s writing a novella for Niko! Everything Dorian does, he does it with intensity – loving Gabs is one of it. It dates a book and often comes across as trying too hard to be relevant.

Dark Light

Twenty-one years ago, Gabriella’s life was stolen from her before it even began. She is truly trying to come out of her shell and dar, her new life.

But Dorian just didn’t do anything for me. She is an amazing, talented author who has a way with throwing you into the world and storyline as if you’re there yourself witnessing the events unfold. This is the second book in the Dark Light Series. Syreeta didn’t miss a beat in this conclusion. And I do mean a lot of sex.

Dark Light (Dark Light, #1) by S.L. Jennings

Notify me of followup comments to this post via e-mail. Will see get her Dark Prince or will he forever be her first and only love. Gabriella has found out Dorian’s secret.

Continue the journey of Gabriella Winters and her journey to find her reason for living. I had a lump in my throat, my chest ached and my fingers itched with every second of turning the next page in anticipation and expectation Either 21 or 18 every time in these types of novels, no fail. He is head over heels in love with Gab’s and vice versa.

View all 7 comments. And Gabrielle had to go through a shit ton of tragedies in her life, how does she even function???? If you’re constantly thinking about how hot your best friend is, how can those thoughts be foreign? We die for it.


Dark Light by S.L. Jennings – FictionDB

And then there’s magic. Well, I may just need some serious therapy after reading this. Along the way, we meet some fantastic new additions to the series. His character was strong and for the most part loyal in Light Shadows, he did what he knew he had to do. I am dead sure of it. And it was great. Gabi is one bitch I would like to slap the shit out of. There are so many series where a character that has parents barely interacts with those parents.

I can’t make it passed this overwhelming WTF feeling. He was flat, one dimensional, kind of a creeper guy. Gab instead of thinking of the love of her life Dorian, she having sexual thoughts of Niko e www.

Jennings has a magical way with getting her characters emotions out so strong that the reader feels what the character feels. Jennings or Syreeta as Akilah likes to call her by her first name since we practically stalk her times a week via twitter. Will she be strong enough to defeat the ones who are after her?