The Psychology of Hashish has 47 ratings and 0 reviews. Crowley’s mystical and magical study of the drug. Nature teaches us, and the Oracles. The Psychology of Hashish by Aleister Crowley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. COMPARABLE to the Alf Laylah wa Laylah itself, a very Tower of Babel, partaking alike of truth both gross and subtle inextricably interwoven.

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Luminist Archives: Aleister Crowley: The Psychology of Hashish

More common, judging by the reports of Ludlow and others. I never got any good out of this method myself. There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. Take a key, a Bible, an elastic band. Professor William James treats most adequately of this matter in his Varieties of Religious Experience. I think, too, that Baudelaire altogether exaggerates the reaction.

Your own brain is the best; next, the trained and vigorous brains of clever and educated men, in perfect health, honest and wary. Having nothing mortal, she is wholly inebriated with God. Except, of course, that by this time one has abandoned meals for ever! Who then am I? Even as insanities, they would demand the strictest investigation from the light they throw upon the working of the brain.

If I persist, seeing that my little gift of language must be mine for some purpose, and therefore for this purpose, since no other purpose can there be, let my rationalist friends excuse me, as the agony of my impotence most terribly avenges them.

Gary Colcombe rated it liked it Mar 08, It has nothing to do with mysticism as such, but its rational truth makes it a suitable basis for our proposed classification of the mystic states which result from the many religious and magical methods in use among men. The Psychology of Hashish: Harder to destroy are they than the others, since they come no longer from memory or physical conditions, but from the practice itself, so that they cannot be shut off, but must needs be faced and conquered directly.


Nor is it inconceivable that many of these worlds may exist, interpenetrating. Why was I born in England, not in Wales? One may add that the language difficulty is in some ways an essential one. Puns and other false associations of thought are symptomatic of this imbecility.

But I feel that I am drivelling. Identify each web page that allegedly contains infringing material.

The Psychology of Hashish: An Essay on Mysticism

It may fairly be retorted upon me that this unique qualification of mine is the very factor which most vitiates my results. The rose and the observer and their tendencies and relations have somehow vanished.

In the mystic world, we come to those strange metaphysical ecstasies which I am convinced lie behind many philosophical dogmas. The sublimity of my subject possessed me. Learn more about ebook formats and e-readers.

Yet on all the paths is He, ready to smite whoso falters or swerves, though he have attained almost the last height. These glyphs are perceived together, just as the skilled reader reads h-o-r-s-e as a single word, not letter by letter. Just as we represent a horse by the five letters h-o-r-s-e, none of which has in itself the smallest relation to a horse, so an even simpler concept such as the letter A seems resolved into a set of pictures, a fairly large number, possibly a constant number, of them.

What vain hsahish of all true hope forlorn! Thanks for telling us about the problem. Together for many months we studied and practised Ceremonial Magic, and ransacked the ancient books and MSS. Aleister Crowley, born Edward Alexander Crowley, was a British occultist, writer, mountaineer, philosopher, poet, and mystic. Valerie rated it it was amazing Nov 18, There is the tube, and it is full of HCl out of all relation to its elements, through the result of their union. Etymologically psycohlogy is composed of Sam Greek [sigma upsilon nu]together with, and Adhi Heb.


Though he has stripped off all the husks of thought and touched Thought itself, even attaining to Negation of thought; yet he is still upon the plane of Thought.

Again, the phenomena observed follow the usual laws of growth and decay.

The Psychology of Hashish : An Essay on Mysticism

There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing The Professor can convince me, of course, and the more skeptical I am the more thoroughly I shall be convinced in the end; but not until I have learned to use a microscope. Now all this analysis is a purely intellectual one, though perhaps it may be admitted that few philosophers have been capable of so profound and acute a resolution of phenomena.

Of course if you excite, by whatever stimulus, a foul imagination, you will get pestilent effects. If by some means I could shake its catafalque of Mind, might not the Infinite Divine Spirit leap unfettered to the Light? These hashixh are more solid and real, much more dangerous, and are excessively difficult to obtain. Then, it may be, the Eye will open upon him, and the tomb of his Pyramid be unsealed.

Just as the impressions are represented by pictorial glyphs, so each reflection upon an impression is accompanied by either one or two more only when the control is imperfect critical glyphs, as it were in small type, an annotation of approval or otherwise.

Which is why adepts of this stage wear an eye as a badge. Meditation therefore annoyed me, as tightening and constricting the soul.