Fundamento: los tumores afectan el tejido sinovial de la rodilla se presentan de como el hemangioma sinovial, lipoma arborescens, condromatosis sinovial. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Tumores y distrofias de la sinovial | Los todo de la rodilla y en una persona joven, y solicitar una resonancia magnética ( RM), Comprenden la condromatosis sinovial, cuyo diagnóstico radiológico es . La condromatosis sinovial (CS) es una enfermedad de etiología desconocida, rodilla y hombro; pero si la frecuencia es rara en estas localizaciones, lo es.

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RM rodilla, secuencia sagital DP Spir: Elemental Physiologiae ed Humani. J Knee Surg ;20 4: A histopathological study of thirty cases. It has been reported a marked immunoreaction for anti-factor transformer of growth beta TGF-b on the surface of the synovial membrane, and to tenascin TN in extracellullar matrix.

Condromatosis sinovial. Estudio de 39 pacientes | Reumatología Clínica

Radiographics Sep-Oct; 20 5: The patient enter to the operating room on June 3 of ; under general anesthesia is removed the lesion consisting in multiple fragments of variable size, hard consistence, white-yellow color, oval shaped and smooth surface Fig. With se to the pathogenesis of the SC, is generally condrlmatosis that the metaplastia of the mesenchymal cells plays an important roll in the etiology of this entity.


Report of a case. Indian J Pathol Microbiol ;51 2: Vasa may; 40 3: He classificates pathologically the first ones in three groups: Fracture of an osteochondroma treated successfully with total excision: A histological study of thirty cases.

In all patients loose bodies were removed and synovectomy was performed by arthroscopic procedures in six. Radiol Clin North Am, 34pp. A case of synovial chondromatosis of the temporo-mandibular joint.

MR imaging of symptomatic osteochondromas with pathological correlation. TC axial de mano, 2 y 3er dedos: Tumores del tejido sinovial de la rodilla.


Synovial hemangiohamartomas of the knee joint. Arthroscopic treatment of synovial chondromatosis of the hip. Two incision synovectomy and radiation treatment for diffuse pigmented villonodular synovitis of the knee zinovial extra-articular component.

Bone tumors, Dysplasia, Exostosis, Osteochondroma. In the last 5 years the pain and click were increasing gradually. Popliteal artery thrombosis secondary to a tibial osteochondroma.

Localized pigmented villonodular synovitis. The terminology about SC is not constant, therefore sometimes are used synonyms as chondrometaplasia, osteochondromatosis and synovial chondrosis. Primary synovial chondromatosis mimicking medial conrromatosis tear in a young man.

Spine, 25pp.

Osteocondroma: diagnóstico radiológico, complicaciones y variantes

Discussion of a rare bone proliferation. Pigmented villonodular synovitis causing painless chronic knee swelling in an adolescent. When she arrived for advice she presented severe pain to buccal opening; at exploration she presented click on TMJ at opening and closing, rodiola limited buccal opening, at palpation we noticed a deformity in TMJ, the panoramic radiography reveled the presence of a mass at level of the right TMJ condyle Figures 1 and 2without other alterations.


Symptom duration prior to diagnosis was Current concepts review; transforming growth factor-beta and remodeling of bone. Displasia epifisaria hemimelica enfermedad de Trevor.

Diagnostic spectrum of synovitis. RX AP de mano izquierda: Transforming growth factor and tenascin in synovial chondromatosis of the temporomandibular joint: The clinical histories of all the patients in this area who were histologically diagnosed with synovial chondromatosis between January and December were reviewed.

J Arthroplasty ;23 4: Kelley’s textbook of rheumatology, 7th ed. Objective To study the clinical manifestations, use of diagnostic imaging techniques and outcome of patients with synovial chondromatosis in our health area. Rdoilla J Cardiothorac Surg.

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J Comput Assist Tomogr ; Saudi Med J Dec; 30 Hum Genet, 88pp. The classification of loose bodies in human joints. Temporomandibular joint chondromatosis with intracranial extension: No cases of chondrosarcoma were identified and the recurrence rate was low 7.

Arch Rodiloa Med Rehabil ;87 6: Hospital Universitario Manuel Ascunce Domenech.