Canon, the Canon logo, and imagePROGRAF are trademarks or registered Ink used for maintenance purposes such as head cleaning is absorbed. (Replace. Complete The Survey. No, Thank You. Canon · Consumer Product Support imagePROGRAF Series Support – Download drivers, software, manuals. Products. imagePROGRAF iPF Drivers & Downloads; Manuals; NEED SERVICE? imagePROGRAF iPF Specifications · Drivers & Downloads · Manuals.

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Chapter 1 Printable area Roll media Internal area, excluding a 5-mm top, bottom and left and right margins. Page Chapter 3 8 Attach the basket rod at the front of the basket unit to the tips [1] of the basket arm L and R. Print Position Adjustment Function Ippf9000 2 2.

Neglecting to attach the belt stopper may cause damage to the printer when moving the printer to another location. How to enter the Service mode Enter the Service mode following the procedure below. Agitation cam sensor The photointerrupter-based agitation cam sensor detects the status of the agitation cam. Counters related to media Displays the total amount of cumulative print area of the other media type than the above-mentioned T Display Description Unit NAME Media type Total amount of cumulative print area of roll media and cut sheet metric Total amount of cumulative print area of roll media and cut sheet inch Sq.

Main Menu The structure of the main menu is as follows. dervice

How to Handle the Printhead Do not open the printhead package until you are ready to install the head. Serfice 95 Chapter 1 2. If the operation is abnormal, replace it. Page Chapter 3 a. Chapter 4 1 To remove right front cover [1], remove right circle cover Lright circle cover Sright side covers, upper right cover the operation panel.



Page 3 Canon will release technical information as the need arises. Main Menu Chapter 1 1. To install your download click on the name of the downloaded file. Load the print heads, ink tanks, and media following the instructions shown on the operation panel.

Chapter 1 Operating noise Operating: Counter related to dot count T Reinstalling The Printer Chapter 3 3. It supports the following functions: Javascript is disabled in this browser. Allowed tilting angle Do not tilt. Secure the media take-up units firmly by using three M4 hex screws [5] on each side. Chapter 3 2 While the two persons are holding the left and right carrying handles provided at the bottom of the printer, the third person removes the lower cushioning mate- rials.

imagePROGRAF iPF9000

Unwanted grease may cause poor print quality, take particular care that grease does not get onto the wiper, cap, or the linear scale.

Pigment ink Servixe tank capacity: Hard Disk Drive Chapter 1 1. Head Relay Pcb Chapter 6 6. The print time is measured from the start of printing until the image is exited out from the printer. F 8 Disconnect five flexible cables from the carriage relay PCB. Chapter 8 Code Display massage Status Ink tank is empty. Version Up Chapter 6 6. Otherwise the printer can be deformed or damaged. Page Chapter 4 5. Ipf900 28 Chapter 1 Operating noise Operating: The part of the caps that comes into contact with the face plate of the nozzle assembly is made of rubber.

  DIN 2616-2 PDF

Edge Canln white bar will appear at the bottom of your browser window which will contain your download. Print Driving Chapter 2 2. Details Of Service Mode Chapter 7 7. By executing this mode, – Backup data of the settings and counter values stored in the maintenance cartridge zervice PCB are moved to the new main controller PCB.

Chapter 1 1 Lift the Basket Rod gently to release the lock, lower the stacker toward the front, and push it all the way back. Otherwise, the ink ingredients may precipitate and degrade the print quality.

One roll, Front Output Cut Sheet: The ink tanks come with 12 colors: Image processing unit This unit nanual the RGB multi-value image data or CMYK multi-value data received from the host computer through the interface connector to the binary image data for the ink colors used.

Each tank is available in two capacities: F Put the removed ink tanks in the plastic bag with the ink supply part [1] upward and close the opening.

Adjustment And Setup Items Chapter 4 4. Page 89 Chapter 1 3 Store the left and right Basket Rods.