10 Inspirational Quotes from Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta. Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta, which means The Discourse on the Lion-roar of the. 1 Sutta summary and highlights. SUTTA SUMMARY. The Cakka,vatti Sīha, nāda Sutta (D 26) gives an account of the wheel- turner or universal monarch. In illustration of his dictum that one should rely on oneself, the Buddha gives a detailed account of the fall of a kingly lineage of the past, and the subsequent.

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But cakkavattu will be some beings who will think: Please, Your Majesty, ask us about the noble duties of a wheel-turning monarch. Sign In Don’t have an account? And anyone who disrespects mother and father, ascetics and brahmins, and fails to honor the elders in the family will be venerated and praised, just as the opposite is venerated and praised today.

Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta (DN 26)

For the sentient beings among whom these two things were widespread, their lifespan and beauty declined. Here a autta practices right conductis restrained according to the disciplineis perfect in behavior and habitssees danger in the slightest fault, and trains in the rules of training he has undertaken. It is just by the building-up of wholesome states that this merit increases.

The newly crowned king followed the wheel-treasure cakkavahti it turned and conquer many lands with dhamma. And in that time of the people with an eighty thousand-year life-span, there will arise in the world a Cakkavati Lord, an Arahant fully-enlightened Buddha named Metteyya, endowed with wisdom and conduct, a Well-Farer, Knower of the worlds, incomparable Trainer of men to be tamed, Teacher of gods and humans, enlightened and blessed, just as I am now.

10 Inspirational Quotes from Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta – Lotus Happiness

India will be successful and prosperous. He will also cakkavtti a huge sangha and lay followers just like Buddha himself. Three hundred twenty thousand years ago marks fundamental advancements in tool making and the first evidence for regular use of fire and the burial of the dead.


Brahma addresses the gods DN 19 Mahagovinda Sutta: And such people will know only three kinds of disease: Here, a monk abides contemplating body as bodyardent, clearly aware and mindfulhaving put aside hankering and fretting for the world. If you do so, your life-span will increase, your beauty will increase, your happiness will increase, your wealth will increase, your power will increase.

He will teach the Dhammalovely in the beginning, lovely in its middle, in the spirit and in the letterand proclaim, just as I do now, the holy life in its fullness and purity. He went to the royal sage and told him the news. SHT, Sanskrithandschriften aus den Turfanfunden.

Thus, the Buddha reinterprets beauty as right conduct, by which the rules of training are perfected. He just governed the country according to his own ideas. The monarch told his man should the sacred wheel-treasure slipped from its position, he should report this matter to him.

Try using the modern version anyway. Just as it is now the people who show respect for mother and father, for ascetics and Brahmins, for the head of the clan, who are praised and honoured, so it will be with those who do the opposite. Let no crime prevail in your kingdomand those who are in need, give property. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Here, a monk practises right conduct, is restrained according to the discipline, [78] is perfect in behaviour and habits, sees danger in the slightest fault, and trains in the rules of training he has undertaken.


I shall shave off my hair and beard, dress in ocher robes, and go forth from the lay life to homelessness. Instead, he ruled the people according to his own ideas, and, being so ruled, the people did not prosper so well as they had done under the previous kings who had performed the duties of a wheel-turning monarch.

Then, at the end of the seven days, they will emerge from their hiding-places and rejoice together of one accord, saying: Then, with his heart filled with compassion, Do not let injustice prevail in the realm.

Then King Dalhanemi sent for his eldest son, the crown prince, and said: But now, my son, you must turn yourself into an Ariyan wheel-turner.

He has more than a thousand sons who are heroes, of heroic stature, conquerors of the hostile army. Yourself depending on the Dhamma, honouring it, revering it, cherishing it, doing homage to it and venerating it, having the Dhamma as your badge and banner, acknowledging the Dhamma as your master, you should establish guard, ward and protection according to Dhamma for your own household, your troops, your nobles and vassals, for Brahmins and householders, town and country folk, ascetics and Brahmins, for beasts and birds.

How does a monk do so? Another man denounced him to the King, saying: Here, a monk, with his heart filled with loving-kindness, dwells suffusing one quarter, the second, the third, the fourth.

I had better make an cakkavati of him, finish him off once for all, and cut his head off.