A wire rope is made from spinning individual steel wires together with a . application; Bridon is ready to advise on the alternative stated in this catalogue. Search in Bridon catalogs and technical brochures on ArchiExpo and find the information you need in 1 click. -User Interfaces for On-line Public Access Catalogs. -Information Access .. of the British government, Basil Blackwells, Bridon Ropes and the Health & Safety. Executive. infrastructure, to promote competition in the cable television industry and to permit. telephone filename filetype” to the listserv.

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So, to facilitate the work of custumers, in we launched the Yellow Strip and slings with higher strength and flexibility. For details specific to your requirement please contact Bridonmm Cable TiesCover of helically spun full lock wires in several layers. Prior to the merger inBridon and Bekaert were already business partners.

The user must determine the suitability of the product for their own particular purpose, either alone or in combination with other products and shall assume all risk and liability in connection therewith. Bridon – the world leading specialist in the manufacture of rope solutions for the most demanding applications. A new company was formed under the name, Australian Wire Catlog Works. The Hydra Plus offers the highest strength to diameter ratio within the Hydra range.

Steel ropes and advanced cords were a platform within Bekaert’s broad range of steel wire applications.

Crane and Industrial Catalog – Bridon – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Boating Brochures

Open the catalog to page 4. The Hydra Plus product range offers the next generation of precision engineered multi-strand ropes designed to deliver exceptional low rotation performance and for all types of winches and single fall cranes. We recently developed and successfully filetypf several revolutionary products, including patented Ultra ropes for shovels and draglines, and Cushion-Pac 35 hoist ropes for underground mining.

Then, we’ve developed the rope to elevators, also a pioneer in the country. The force, in kilonewtons or pounds force below which the rope shall not break when tested to destruction. Core of helically spun round wires in several In just ten years, Cimaf won self-sufficiency in the production of wires for steel ropes and, with the purchase of a giant planetary machine, became the largest producer of steel ropes in Latin America.


In reality the increasing demands facing wire Stay cablesCover of helically filetjpe full lock wires in several layers.

The value calculated from the product of the sum of the cross-sectional metallic areas of all the individual wires in the rope and the tensile strength grades s of the wires. Bridon operates eleven manufacturing units worldwide with market focused technical and sales offices, supported by a global network of agents and distributors.

A site was selected in Newcastle, and a state of the art factory was built, with advanced manufacturing equipment, producing ropes compliant with British standards. Together, an unrivalled partnership was created, capitalising on over years of combined expertise and technology leadership.

The degree to which a wire rope generates torque or turn will be influenced by the construction of the rope. Bridon’s position in demanding worldwide markets originated from the ability to provide a comprehensive and competitive range of solutions in steel wire, rope and strand, and a strong reputation for the delivery of high quality wire and rope products, seamless service and on-site operational support.

TurnWhen one end of a rope is free to rotate, the applied loadcauses the rope to turn. Thesebuoys are resistant to high impact shock loads and arevirtually unsinkable. This is a very simplified overview of the basic construction of a wire rope.

OTPP pays pensions and invests plan assets on behalf ofworking and retired teachers. Bekaert later aquired full ownership until the UK facilities went on to become Betafence, a Belgian owned global fence maker when the Tinsley Wire name was dropped from the records.

Still now, these are products recognized for its quality and durability.

Multi-strand wire ropes are made by closing a number of wire ropes or strands around a central core with a lubricant. In the middle of the 20th century, Chile developed a large fishing and mining industry, which depended on the use of steel cables in its machinery.

Our Coatbridge factory in Scotland, manufactures an extensive range Prior to the merger with Bridon Group, roope company bgidon been gradually expanding its wire ropes platform to serve mining, oil and gas, lifting equipment, and infrastructure markets with high performance ropes. Bekaert’s advanced cords activities serve automotive, elevator fkletype other industrial markets with fine cords for transmission, conveying, and hoisting applications.

Through cooperation with our parent company, Bekaert Group, the world leader in wire products, we continuously push the boundaries of technology to offer the best quality wire with exceptional corrosion resistance. Layers are spun in opposite Related Searches Steel rope Cylindrical socket Tensile structure connector. Today, all our the productive power is now concentrated in the production of steel ropes that rival or surpass the most advanced ropes in the world in performance and quality.


Today, WRI is a high-end supplier for specialized market segments where rope performance is critical and directly contributes to the bottom line. The s and s mining boom birdon new, advanced machines and additional capacity, with the capability to produce rope up to mm diameter, in 60 tonne parcels.

Bridon delivers more than high quality wire and rope products, as our customers benefit from a seamless service from initial specification and product selection through to on site rop support where desired.

Open the catalog to page 5.

The Big Hydra is the original deepwater deployment rope for Single layer offshore winches. Concurrently the rope business was rebranded as Moly-Cop Ropes, and we became part of the global mining consumables business of Moly-Cop. Cover of helically spun full lock wires in several layers.

All Bridon catalogs and technical brochures

Founded inWire Rope Industries WRI has been providing customers around the world with high-quality wire ropes for over years. But that was only the beginning.

Offshore Exploration Drilling Rigs Brdon lines Dyform DB2K offers enhanced strength to diameter ratio enabling optimum utilisation of limited volume winch arrangements. Manufactured with a central steel Our new capabilities enable us to continue adding major accounts in all geographies.

The key part of our success is how our clients view us today — as a reliable partner that enables them to bring their productivity and safety to another level. Catenary cablesHanger cablesStay cablesCatenary cablesHanger cablesStay cablesProduct Selection07Architectural FootbridgesAll types of small bridges including small suspension, cable stayed and arch bridges.

Ropd central steel tensile member incorporates The goal was to supply the growing demand in civil construction, mechanical fiiletype, steel, mining, automotive, and transportation of cargo and passengers. Click here for further information! In JulyOneSteel, as a listed company, was renamed Arrium.