Ebook D13 Volvo Workshop Manual currently available at for Ebook Pdf D13 Volvo Workshop Manual contains important information and a. FAZ-D13/2-RT. Catalog No. Eaton Catalog No. Finger and back-of- hand proof to BGV A2. Tightening torque of fixing screws. N/m. Finger and back−of−hand proof to BGV A2. Mounting width per pole mm 17,5. Mounting. IEC/EN top−hat rail. Protection type. IP20, IP40 (when fitted).

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Place fragile vessels in break-proof outer vessels. In case of risk of water contact and release of flammable gases in dangerous quantities, the measures explained in “Explosion Protection Directive” may be required.

Containers have to be labelled clearly and permanently. Wear a dust mask. Only employees are permitted to enter the work areas. Pick up without creating dust. Identification Characterisation Formula Physical and chemical properties Occupational health and first s13 Safe handling Regulations Links Literature register. Use leak-proof equipment with exhaust for refilling or transfer.



The incineration should be carried out by 1d3 the aluminium in a metal plate bin or lengthwise on top of a fire-proof base. Use only explosion proved equipment.

Can self-heat in the air at room temperature without any added energy and then ignite. Brush off loose particles from skin. When handling excessive amounts of the substance an emergency shower is required. Keep at a distance from sources of ignition e.

Observe the smoking prohibition! Keep away f13 heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. The substance must not be present at workplaces in quantities above that required for work to be progressed. Handle and store contents under inert gas. Wear flameproof protective clothing. For dry dusts they have to be closed.

Substance reacts with water. If there is a risk of a dust explosion because byv the distribution of dust and the quantities used, the measures explained in “Explosion Protection Directive” may be required.

Individuals below the age of 18 must not be assigned to burn off aluminium-powder wastes. List of substances – lesson in schools in German only.


Bgv c23 pdf

Collection of small amounts of substance: This data is recommended by scientific experience and is not established law. V13 in which the substance may have contact with water are to be considered as at risk of explosion. Preparation of an acidic solution. Residues should be recycled.

Incineration of aluminium powder waste: Earth all parts which can be electrically charged. Forms flammable gases when in contact with water. An escape and rescue plan bfv be prepared when the location, scale, and use of the work-site so demand.

In an emergency e. Currently there is no information available regading suitable glove materials.

Spontaneously flammable pyrophoric solid. Protective clothing and footwear must be adequately conductive or dissipative.

If release of the substance cannot be prevented, then it should be suctioned off at the point of exit. Absolutely no welding in the working area.