Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger [Peter Bevelin] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Normal wear. May have some highlighting or. Simply the best book on improving your decision making there is. It’s dense and hard to get through if you’re not truly interested, but it’s well worth it. Seeking Wisdom – by Peter Bevelin. ISBN: Date read: How strongly I recommend it: 8/10 (See my list of + books, for more.).

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Jul 26, Ted Trembinski rated it it was ok Shelves: What indicators can I track?

If you want someone to stop smoking, one way could be to show them what they stand to lose. But the media may only cover it more. Honestly, this is the only section that didn’t make me point to another source.

People’s interests are not only financial. Probability was a math appendix. Let me break it down for you.

Seeking Wisdom From Darwin to Munger 3rd Edition Ship

Sometimes we believe an event has increased in frequency because we see it more. Unlike biological evolution, cultural evolution is not inherited.

We make a concession to people who have first made a concession to us. Make sure to follow Munger’s advice as well, or you might have a “very louse career” Peter Bevelin begins his fascinating book with Confucius’ great wisdom: Another friend of his, Nassim Taleb, seeoing been quoted saying that “Peter Bevelin is one of the smartest people around”.


The truly wise person is colorblind. The Psychology of Misjudgments.

This book gives a nitro boost to the thinking process. It’s like packing your own parachute. Had to read repeatedly to make sense of some parts. Studies show that teachers help students cheat on standardized tests when their jobs or pay increases depend on the outcome of the tests. Sounds like economics to me.

The reward changes their perception. Deprival Syndrome One reason why horse races, bingo and these zeeking have always been so popular is because of all these near misses. The more we are exposed to a stimulus, even a terrifying one, the higher our threshold of fear becomes. Consider base rate – Small scale experimentation – reliability and replicability of results – If I get evidence that is the opposite of my previous convictions I must ask: I give this book 5 stars not because this is one of the best books I have read but because this is one of the best summary of ideas I ingested in last 2 years.

Get to Know Us.

Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin To Munger by Peter Bevelin

For example, by always asking the question “why? People don’t want to feel indebted.


Studies show that it matters whether we believe that others deserve their success. Dec 16, Tyson Strauser rated it really liked it Shelves: In the labeling technique, people seekingg to get us commited by first applying a label to our personality or values that is consistent with the behavior they want us to take.

Seeking Wisdom From Darwin to Munger 3rd Edition Ship | eBay

This gives people an incentive to avoid giving bad news. Becoming by Michelle Obama Hardcover Book 3. The final section is the compilations grouped by topics from Munger and Buffet talks and letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. So they make the decision based only on what they can count well. Short-term suffering may lead bevelib long term pleasure. The book is filled with quotes from some of the greatest thinkers in history from fields such as physics, mathematics, psychology, biology, chemistry, economics, business and investing.

Reason-respecting – complying with requests merely because we’ve been given a reason. If you have read ‘ The Drunkard’s Walk: