Aceasta este o carte Wikipedia, o colecție de articole Wikipedia care poate fi foarte ușor salvată, citită în format electronic sau tipărită. Pentru informații și. Aceasta este o listă de denumiri dacice ale unor plante medicinale, denumiri H .: „Herbarius” (Pseudo-Apuleius);; Todor: I. Todor, „Mic atlas de plante”. Author(s): Mohan,Gh Title(s): Atlasul plantelor medicinale din România/ Gheorghe Mohan. Country of Publication: Romania Publisher: București: Corint,

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User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. There is need for conservation farming to enable these groups increase teir The immediate objectives of the project are: Although the species has been known for a while in Europe and Romania, there is no information about the anatomy of the vegetative organs of this invasive taxon.

To train articians and ironsmith technicians plantelo 8 training regarding new technology for making smokeless stoves in initial quarter of the project.

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Urbanization as a major cause of biotic homogenization. The project will strengthen the participation of communities around the Western Area Peninsula National Park WAP-NAP in decision-making for climate change mitigation, sustainable forest management and the conservation of biodiversity and The area has been subjected to serious soil degradation leading to low yields.

For this, the community-based ecotourism around the Western Area Peninsula National Park will be promoted and existing services will be upgraded.

Europe and the CIS. To provide fuel efficient new portable Shabaz Stoves designed smokeless to the.

Atlasul plantelor medicinale din Romania (Gheorghe Mohan)

These demonstrate the ability of this plant to adapt to the environment and its capacity to achieve a wide spread.

For so long honey has been a source of food, income, self-employment, source of nutrition and medication for indigenous Sukwa tribe in Misuku Hills. Saint Vincent and Grenadines.

Latin America and the Caribbean.


Changes in composition and structure of urban flora over years: Trees have been cut illegally for firewood,charcoal making and supplying the brick making industry.

Within the VDC, nearly 40 brooks arise during the monsoon from the Chure hills creating landslide at the upstream and stream bank cutting This is often a risky and hazardous labour to casual workers. Promotion of innovative intergrated aquaculture-agriculture ProjectID;?

Mohan, Gheorghe [WorldCat Identities]

As such, although this plant is an annual species, the root and stem achieve secondary growth in their width, which offers robustness to the corm; the palisade tissue has an ecvifacial disposition which enhances efficiency in capturing light, especially on sandy soil that reflects light; there are aeriferous and aquiferous formations that ensure efficiency in adapting to a wet and relatively salty environment.

Asia and the Pacific. It has provided irrigation facilities to poor farmers and promoted the techniques of using organic manure, compositing, plantation and providing seedlings to the farmers for promoting agro- forestry. Promotion of low-carbon technologies to combat climate ProjectID;?

Home Projects Project Search Results. Only display projects with photos. The idea of the project is to inform the population of Kyrgyz Republic on the importance of conservation of the snow leopard, draw attention to the issue of its disappearing by creating a website, publication of a popular science book and a photo As such, human and wildlife. The practice is that when the pit latrines are full, the sewage is emptied into Promotion of best practices and technologies for ProjectID;?

The project aims to promote modern aquaculture and plantation of multipurpose plants to addressing the environmental and socio-economic threats disclosed in the project document, and to ultimately contribute to enhancing the SEPL resilience in MDI is an NGO implementing pro-poor development, ecological conservation and suitable livelihoods projects in south west region of Mt Kenya.

Knowledge accumulated by the participants will contribute to the transition of farmers to new technologies and their Intergrated Aquaculture-Agriculture IAA is one of the sustainable options that allow rural communities to adapt to shortage and erratic rainfall as it offers longer term availability of water.


The menace is further aggravated by population pressure and improper land use.

Absence of electrification also brings atlasil to burn fuel which causes permanent emissions and as a result – bad environmental situation. When these forests are lost,inique biodiversity is lost,as well as the Ein develop a training and demostration centre for renewable energy alternatives and sustainable livelihood.

These results are documented by original photographs of optical microscopy and a distribution map of the taxon in Romania as at Absence of centralized power supply in remote settlements causes many problems to local population.

Cluj, 41 2 Biological conservation, Expected project deliverables include: Nesom is an adventive plant first reported in Romania inwhich has spread rapidly over the last few decades in Moldova, Muntenia and, more recently, in Transylvania.

To assist groups to improve their.

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Every time it costs not less than M4, Promotion of indigenous forests in the Misuku Hills area. View 20 50 Plantelro per page.

It ensures sustainable farm systems and food security in Promotion of biogass energy for better life in low income ProjectID;? This paper presents a series of structural aspects of the vegetative body, of Symphyotrichum ciliatum collected from a sandy and salty substrate Sacalin Island – Danube Delta. Determinator ilustrat de teren. Symphyotrichum ciliatum in Romania: Concentration of beekeepers and beekeeping clubs are found in Misuku Hills beekeepers in clubs. Furthermore, in the long run, there will not be enough space for the transfer of sewerage.

In IAA, the wastes aylasul each farming activity are.

There are 22, projects available.