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P channel mosfet 2. Introduction eatasheet System Power Laptop Motherboard. Laptop only works on charged battery. Can anyone advise me on my next move? General Power and switching system on Laptop Motherboard.

Replace MOSFET AO With FDS

They have considerably different values. VS for Strap Boot device:. Imagine the flow direction Drain to Source. Other way to Identified for SO6 and SO3 Mosfet transistors are by finding the marking code on ic than browse the data sheetif they not found get mosfet location code on board than find on schema by typing marking code to adobe reader search column to look the correct marking code than browsing the datasheet again to get know mosfet type and get substitution I can’t express enough gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge.


The two mosfets one shorts between pin 4 and 5 or Gate to Drain. Thanks for the help.

Others N channel mosfet examples: Part and Inventory Search. Check them first, then work your way back toward the DC jack. HP G laptop that is totally dead.

The parts are labeled PV charger battery circuit 4. The same thing happens when two heated solder joints ‘bridge’ and connect to each other. I guess datassheet a mental image it is similar to the way magnets attract to each other when too close.

AO4433 Datasheet

Make user the DC jack is not loose or broken by measurring for current pass the DC jack. It tent to lose contact over time. The diode test on pu fails Reading mosfets in circuit can be tricky. How can the power consumption for computing be reduced for energy harvesting? If you look at the data sheet, they look pretty similar.

P-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor

I’d love to know what datasheft caused this blow-out though, if anyone has any suggestions Thanks for all your help. You can use AO or AO instead […]. Well, I started ohm-metering the 8-pin SMT chips around the socket, and comparing it with the datasheets I could find. But it is not a hard and fast rule with some Chinese manufacturers, and may need to check the datasheet before assuming they will be the ddatasheet.


Nothing was spilled on it, not dropped, damaged, or anything. PNP transistor not working 2.

Replace latching relay with Mosfet 7. Others P chanel examples: Common problem with these models. What is the function of TR1 in this circuit 0. A question I have however, is why is it some in circuit tests reveal partial forward and reverse voltage Thanks for the thread.

I was talking with some guy on polish electronic forum and he had similar problem with NC But he’s still loking for cause. It better to use motherboard manufacture by using Motherboard code ,we would know how much adapter voltage usage.