Books by Aloys Sprenger. The Life of Mohammad (Allahabad, ). Das Leben und die Lehre des Mohammad nach bisher grösstentheils unbenutzten Quellen. ALOYS SPRENGER (). His Life and Contribution to Urdu Language and Literature. Muhammad Ikram Chaghatai. Dr. Aloys Sprenger (in ). Sprenger, Aloys, , ed.: Abdu-r-razzaq’s dictionary of the technical terms of the Sufies (Calcutta: ), by ? ʻAbd al-Razzāq al-Qāshānī.

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The first phase comprised the grammar class, which had four stages, each lasting for a year.

Sprenger belonged to the group that favoured the local languages for medium of instruction. Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences. Even now the population of this village [8] is less than two thousand souls.

More generally, described as prolific and as a polymath, he was the author of “over twenty” works, which dealt with “a wide variety of religious and secular subjects, including history both Islamic and universalgeography, the natural sciences, philosophy, and theology.

Sprenger, I, BerlinPreface, pp. Both of them sailed for India in Sprfnger influence can be easily seen in the form and method of some of his books, especially in the catalogue of manuscripts in the Sprengr Libraries of the Kings of Awadh, in which he has closely followed the style of Hammer. In the second edition its rhythmical prose was made plain, most probably, on the advice of Sprenger, because he wanted to popularise sprengwr and easily understandable Urdu.


After that came the stage of Humanity class, which had two stages, each of one year duration. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society London,pp. Von Stephan Prochazka in: Initially this madrasah college t The Brethren of Purity Arabic: The sale alots this collection gave Sprenger a great relief, psychological as well as financial, and enabled him to concentrate on the completion of his academic projects.

Aloys Sprenger – Wikipedia

These sources generally tend to repeat their information on poets but Sprenger has avoided such repetition. Because of its contents the journal became so popular that many more periodicals, of the same style, were brought out within a short period. The work was personally supervised by Henry Elliot and Sprenger used to send a quarterly report of the progress of his work to him.

Out of them titles relate to Urdu language and literature. No wonder even now these sprenher of Sprenger are considered an important part of the history of Urdu literature.

Sprenger, Aloys (DNB00)

Iranian studies is broader than and distinct from Persian alojs, which is the study of the modern Persian language known as Farsi or Parsi to Iranians and literature specifically. He made full use of it and with the help of local scholars and staff of the College rendered several books into Urdu within a short period of two or three years.

The Taufbuch, referred above, also confirms that he was a Roman Catholic. In this capacity he had many textbooks translated into Hindustani from European languages. Another thing that as downgraded his scholarship among Muslims is that he challenges the authenticity of the Traditions Hadith [4] By highlighting the inner contradictions of some Traditions he has tried to prove that all the Traditions cannot be relied upon blindly.


Aloyys the second phase of gymnasium, in both the classes of Humanities, Latin was replaced with Auctor.

Aloys Sprenger | Article about Aloys Sprenger by The Free Dictionary

With this end in view the government formed an Educational Committee inbut it proved inactive. In he proceeded on leave. In this capacity he got the texts of several Arabic books published, for the first time, fr om this Society. In view of his vast experience of handling of manuscripts aloyd cataloguing Sprenger was entrusted with an important responsibility in With the courtesy of.

Asar-us Sanadeed is also included among them. Die Gedankenwelt des H. He did not have any teaching contact with Heidelberg University because the record of the University does not have spprenger evidence to this effect. Tibawi as to the accuracy of Sprenger’s catalogue: He was one of the early propagators of apoys father Dawud al-Zahiri’s method in jurisprudence, Zahirism.

With this end in view they sent Sprenger to prepare a catalogue of these manuscripts to know their contents and worth.