Alessandro De Giorgi is associate professor of Justice Studies at San Jose State University Tolerancia Cero: Estrategias y practicas de la sociedad de control. Alessandro De Giorgi of San Jose State University, CA (SJSU) with expertise in: Political Economy, Sociological Theory and Social Theory. Tolerancia Cero. Alessandro De Giorgi, San Jose State University, Justice Studies Department, Faculty Tolerancia cero: Estrategias y prácticas de la sociedad de controlmore.

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Punishment, Marxism, and Political Economy more. The political economy of punishment is a critical approach cerp the sociology of punishment that hypothesizes the existence of a structural relationship between transformations of the economy and changes in the penal field. Inspired by a neo-Marxist framework, this materialist critique of punishment explores—from both a historical and a contemporary perspective—the connections between the reorganization of a society’s system of production and the emergence, persistence, or decline of specific penal practices.

Thus, materialist criminologists have investigated the parallel historical emergence of factories as the main sites of capitalist production and of prisons as the main institutions of punishment in modern societies. Scholars in the field have also explored the correlations between incarceration rates and socioeconomic indicators, such as unemployment rates, poverty levels, welfare regimes, and labor markets.

This materialist framework has been criticized in mainstream criminological literature for its alleged economic determinism. In particular, critiques have focused on the theory’s tendency to overlook the cultural significance of punishment and the politico-institutional dimensions of toletancia, as well as on its exclusive emphasis on the instrumental side of penal practices as opposed to their symbolic dimensions.

In response to these critiques, some recent works have tried to integrate the old political economy of punishment with epistemological tools from different disciplinary fields in order to overcome some of the limitations of the materialist approach. This broadening of the structural paradigm in criminology could point toward the envisioning of a “cultural political economy of punishment.


Alessandro De Giorgi, Ph.D. | Department of Justice Studies | San Jose State University

alessqndro Political EconomyMarxismand Critical Criminology. Editors’ Introduction — “Neoliberal Confinements: Social Suffering in the Cefo State” more. NeoliberalismMass Incarcerationand Social Suffering. Prisoner Reentry and Neoliberal Neglect more. This article draws from a 3-year ethnographic study conducted in Oakland, California among a group of formerly incarcerated people who face the challenge of reintegrating into society. An average of 1, prisoners are released daily from An average of 1, prisoners are released daily from jails, prisons, and federal penitentiaries in the United States, only to be dumped into the segregated neighborhoods from which they were forcefully taken years before.

This barely regulated collection of private forces—backed by the ever-looming threat of prison or jail—is all that is left in a postindustrial city stripped bare of the community networks and welfare services that existed before the neoliberal punitive turn of the s and s.

The article documents some of the survival strategies adopted tolfrancia former prisoners and their families, and illustrates how the cycle of incarceration and reentry operates as a powerful engine for the reproduction of racialized social inequalities in the US. Note sul neoliberismo autoritario more. ComunismoPopulismoand Neoliberalismo. df

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Department of Justice Studies

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Similar authors to follow

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Publications & Presentations | People | San Jose State University

Cambridge University Press, more. Lynch, “Big Prisons Big Dreams: Crime and the Failure of America’s Penal System”. Rutgers University Press, Cinco teses sobre tiorgi encarceramento em massa more. Punishment and Prisons and Mass Incarceration. Parallelamente a queste trasformazioni, che hanno imposto al linguaggio El gobierno de la excedencia more. Traficantes de Suenos Publication Date: Postfordismo y control de la multitud, Madrid, …. Ombre corte Publication Date: Rio de Janeiro Publisher: Instituto Giorrgi de Criminologia Publication Date: Re-thinking the political economy of punishment: Perspectives on post-Fordism and penal politics more.