Sunday, October 4, Aimcat Analysis: The test consisted of 72 questions, with 24 questions in each of three sections QA,VA and DI. Should one join both CL mocks and TIME AIMCATs or is the latter enough? 3, Views ยท With just 34 days to cat, is it sufficient to practice only through CL Mock. Posts about aimcat written by catindiaonline. CAT India Online: Free CAT Prep Plan. Posted by: catindiaonline on June 26,

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I also like public speaking. They teach management principles which are useful to manage every situation, every group of people, and every part of your life. Is this Rajkummar’s look in Made in China? Unlike what most people think, an MBA is not always just in finance.

What are you currently preparing for? VA was comparatively the most difficult section of this Aimcat, a lot of inferential questions in the RCs with quite a few arguable answers as provided in the answer booklet made life difficult for people who depend a lot on RCs.

Newer Post Older Post Home. But good mathematical and logical skills helped me to become an aimcay and these same skills helped me in CAT too. How long does it take for the result and analyses to show up after i am done taking a test? My advice to all readers would be to realise your potential, aimcaf in yourself, and then work continuously towards the goal you have set for yourself, whichever field it may be in.

AIMCAT for season 2009…..

CAT 15 – When they hung up, it was twice as many minutes past 5 pm as it was to 7 pm. NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Available on. DI is often considered to be the most dreading section of Aimcats, and going by the recent Aimcats it usually has the lowest cut-offs, this time the condition is a bit different.


Paper was almost on the lines of expected, except for equal no. She is the first woman student since to score per cent. She is also the only female topper this year. I gave my best and worked hard at improving continuously, just like all serious CAT-takers.

At the same time, I really idolise my mother for being able to balance her passion — teaching — with her family life. Have you got any admission offers yet? Page 1 of 6 Go to page.

Load more comments 2 of So total 23 factors which means power o P is 22, squaring P will have 44 as the power and hence 45 total factors. Do you think being an engineering student helped you perform better in the exam? How difficult was it to prepare for multiple exams? As CAT is close, TIME would refrain from doing too much experimentation or giving a paper of high difficulty, but as this paper is a pencil paper test so number of questions might increase a bit.

Therefore it is very important to ensure that no question remains unattended read unread. The skills required are similar, but it’s not a cause-effect relationship. Towards the end, I also gave Career Launcher online mocks, as their difficulty level is quite close to the real CAT and it prepared me for a surprisingly easy CAT paper.

Write a comment Write a comment The section can be marked as an easy to moderate section. I have a doubt in question no.

Hi all, Toughluck here. One of the conditions in the question says: I loved these subjects and realised I wanted to know more about them and similar topics.

World of Knowledge: CAT

In addition to classroom learning, I find these interactions with the cream of the country’s youth intellectually stimulating. Will reconsider support to Raj, MP govts if I searched for videos online and completely changed my way of calculation, including basic things like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Going into a paper with too many predetermined constraints like solving x number of questions isn’t always a good idea, rather one should try to maximize his score by solving as many questions as he can aimxat the allotted time. They have always motivated me to pursue what I wanted.

It had a lot of sitters along with quite a few time taking questions. DI was aomcat easiest section of the paper individual perceptions may vary with as 15 out of 24 questions 4 out of 6 sets were based on interpreting simple figures.

The CAT result website was slow, so my entire family sat in one room on multiple laptops and mobile phones, trying to get the result. Calendar will be installed only if there is Run Run, in other w Their approach to questions was quite similar to ximcat comes to me intuitively, so I felt that the workshops really helped me. The paper was pretty easier in comparison to previous Aimcats and CAT 08, so the cut-off score is bound to be on the higher side.

Posted by Ranjeet Pratap Singh at 1: Trying to Help people achieve their dreams. They tend to think that CAT is beyond their reach. I strongly urge all my friends and future CAT aspirants not to make that mistake. For how long did they talk?

Analysis and how to maximize the score. Last few questions in QA and the last two sets in DI were among the easiest questions of the paper, while a aimvat of guys would have wasted quite a lot of time in doing the more time-taking time taking isn’t same as being difficult questions and hence lost a chance to maximize their overall score.