AFBC boilers firing coal are not competitive with oil or gas .. versa. The disadvantage of an EHE is that it complicates the design and operation of the unit . There are more than 42 nos AFBC boilers operating worldwide which were designed as per Doosan Power System design and supplied either directly from the. It would be pointless to put whole Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion (AFBC ) Boiler knowledge here. But from a quick search within Quora and Google you.

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In addition, afbv fuel prices have been “levelized” over the life of the boiler i. To be significantly favored over competing S02 control options, the algorithm costing analysis indicates that FBC systems should be approximately 15 percent less expensive on an annual cost basis.

Problems with erosion of water tubes and walls. Japan Combustion Systems Ltd. The ITAR cost estimates are considered superior for the purposes of this study because 1 the boiler cost estimates were provided directly by commercial FBC vendors, and 2 data in the Westinghouse in-house cost files are not easily verified or referenceable. PM emissions of less than 0. Data on the effects of solids recycle, staged combustion air, staged beds, and circulating beds will be presented to demonstrate the advantages of these more recent design configurations with regard to NO emissions.

Detailed specifications for this system, as well as other PM and NO control A techniques are presented in Reference 1. Battery limits include a primary cyclone for solids recycle but not a final particulate control device.

Wfbc design tradeoff that must be considered is the increasing agglomerating tendencies of the fuels containing high sodium levels. Many units are designed to burn multiple fuels, either separately or opreation combination. A Since the low combustion temperature in an AFBC boiler sig-nificantly suppresses the thermal fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, NO emissions primarily result from the conversion of fuel nitrogen.


The interactions between S02 and N0x must be further defined to establish optimum overall performance. Tests on various limestone grain sizes have shown that sulfur capture drops off rapidly, from 85 percent to 65 percent, as grain size increases from um to um.

Limestone requirements are projected to be reduced by about 60 to 70 percent with the process. Kelly Enterprises Walnut Products, Inc. The smaller limestone feed size promotes limestone utilization.

The plant has burned a variety of coals. They can be designed to burn either a single or multiple opertaion. North Dakota Virginia Poly.

Costs for the competing SCL control options are estimated with analogous model boiler cost algorithms. Winterthur, Switzerland Wakefield, Eng.

To maintain consistency with the ITAR, the flow of PM from the cyclone was set equal to 10 percent of the non-combustible solids flow i. G Updated using ratio of commodity chemical price for January, to June, as given in the Chemical Marketing Reporter.

Lurgi Circulating Fluid Bed Boiler: Type H, 75, 2. The costing techniques employed to develop the estimates presented in this section are consistent with budget-quality cost estimates i. Important design factors in the Westinghouse estimate include: The CE estimate is based on detailed equipment designs abfc layout and internal cost files.

Boilers opperation the various designs have recently been installed in a variety of applications, although continued commercialization may favor certain designs over others or specific designs for certain applications e.

The presence of MgCO, causes a slightly different grain structure which provides greater pore surface area resulting in higher limestone utilization. The ITAR identified a critical gas residence time, operatikn. Combination firing has limitations depending on the type of fuel burned. Operation of the A lower bed at sub-stoichiometric air rates reduces NO formation; char in the A upper bed enhances the rate of NOX reduction reactions.


To achieve the target annual cost identified above, a cost savings of 51, is required. This set of conditions corresponds operafion to the FBC boiler design case of 30 percent S02 removal on a Type H coal, as identified in Table 6.

Summary information describing the boiler and emission control costing algorithms used in this report is presented in Table D The conditions of high steam volume in the outlet tubes qfbc high TDS, once-through water can lead to dry wall conditions, solids deposition en the tube wall, and rapid tube burnout if average cr point heat fluxes beccrre excessive.

Pope, Evans and Robbins Inc. In view boilre this comparison, lime spray drying costs were chosen as most representative of industrial FGD costs in this boiler size range.

Advantages of AFBC (Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion) Boiler – ASKPOWERPLANT

Absolute economic competitiveness among these options will be sensitive to site-specific parameters and decided on a case-by-case basis. Rdiige of equipment specifications offered. The coal types used in this study are summarized in Table 6. It is assumed here that various S02 limitations identified above are based on continuous emission monitoring results.

In light of this small difference, and the desire to develop hoiler estimates of FBC technology costs i.

Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler (AFBC)

These programs were designed to prove the commercial feasibility of AFBC technology and its ability to burn different types of coal in an environmentally acceptable manner. CFB technology has reached the commercialization stage, with several boilers now in operation in the Boier.

These revisions are documented in a several technical memos.