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Table of contents Page Chapter 1: Description of functions Chapter 2: Module versions Chapter 3: Abg components Chapter 4: Component replacement Chapter 7: Contents Page Chapter 1: Module versions Summary Module versions principles Module versions plastic tubing connections Module versions stainless steel tubing Ex analyzer module Chapter 3: Module components Emitter Modulator Contents, Fortsetzung Chapter 4: Contents, continued Page Chapter 5: Contents, Fortsetzung Chapter 7: Description of functions Overview This chapter The module consists of a completely self-contained optical unit with the following elements: Determination of influence values Associated gas The sample gas is a mixture of the sample abv s and associated gas effects components.

Design For use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 combustible measurement gas the analyzer module is installed in a pressure-tight cylinder. Analyzer module versions Overview This chapter describes the individual module versions. Introduction Chapter contents In this chapter you will find the following information: Summary, continued Figure Analyzer module Uras 14 open 1 Calibration unit 2 2 Measurement cell 2 3 Main frame with aperture control 4 Beam path 2 aperture adjustment screw 5 Modulator with emitters not visible 6 Calibration unit 1 7 Infrared detector 1 8 Beam path 1 aperture adjustment screw 9 Measurement cell Calibration cells shown with diagonal lines contain a 2-component mixture.

This tubing is suitable for most measurement applications. Module versions plastic tubing connectionscontinued Figure Analysatormodul Uras 14 Pneumatikmodul Module versions: Flowing reference 1 sample gas path 2 beam paths Housing uuras 1 sample gas path 1 beam path no gas module Figure Analysatormodul Uras 14 Module versions Module versions stainless steel tubingcontinued Figure Analysatormodul Uras 14 Module versions: Analyzer module versions Figure Ex module connections Gas connectors Electr.

Module urass Overview This chapter describes the individual assemblies and components. Introduction Chapter contents In this chapter you will find information on the following module components: Emitter Location in Module The emitter inserts are attached to the modulator receiver disk aluminum block. Depending on the 144 task, one or two emitter inserts can be installed.

If only one uraw insert is used, it can be placed in the first or second beam path depending on the requirements of the measurement application. Modulator Location in module The modulator is attached to the main frame. The modulator consists of: Modulator, continued Figure Modulator Aperture wheel 1 Emitter 2 2 Aperture, beam path for reference chamber 3 Emitter 1 4 Aperture, beam path for sample chamber Continued on next page Chapter 3: Apertures Location in module The apertures and their adjustment screws are located on the main frame between the modulator and sample cells.

The main frame always has two apertures installed and these are bab back and Ugas forth horizontally by a screw-type drive urras.


URAS 14 Gas Analyzer Ao2020 ABB 2431-0-111100000000 Ao2000 **

They are shown in a inset to the cross section of the sample cells installed in the sample and reference chambers. Sample cell Location in module The sample cell is installed between the main frame with modulator and the infrared detector or calibration unit.

The cell consists of an aluminum tube available in two versions: A land divides the cell into a sample chamber and a reference chamber. Sample cell, continued Versions Sample cell length options are shown in the table below. The nominal length is the optical path distance between the inner sides of the windows. Sample cell, continued Figure Sample cells NL 0. Sample cell, continued Figure Sample cell with flowing reference gas Figure Sample cell with integrated filter cell 1 Filter cell fill ports sealed gas-tight and soldered 2 Filter cell, NL mm chamber fill per order 3 Reference chamber, NL or mm 4 Sample chamber, NL or mm Chapter 3: Filter cell Location in module The filter cell is installed between the sample cell and infrared detector or between the sample cell and calibration cell.

The filter cell consists of a gold-plated tube. Structure A land divides hras cell into a sample chamber and a reference chamber; there is a gas link between the two. Optical filter Location in module Depending on the yras layout and measurement task, the optical filters are located at the following aabb Calibration unit Location in module The calibration unit is an installable option. It is inserted between the sample cell and infrared detector.

The calibration unit is a motorized shifting device for the calibration cells.

Structure A small drive motor with a drive pin moves wbb slide on which the calibration cell is mounted. Calibration cell Location in module The calibration cell is a option to be mounted in the calibration unit. A calibration cell can be installed in each beam path. The calibration cell housing consists of a gold-plated metal frame with four Structure chambers that are sealed gas-tight by means of infrared-transparent windows.

Infrared detector Location in module The infrared detector is placed at the end of the sample cell.


Depending on the application, there can be from 1 to 4 detectors installed. A maximum of 2 detectors are possible per beam path. The infrared detector consists of the following components: Infrared detector, continued Figure Infrared detector 1 Amplifier matching jumpers 2 Preamplifier sbb IR module circuit board plug connection 4 Membrane capacitor 5 Front and rear chambers6 Positioning pins and openings 7 Fill ports sealed gas-tight and soldered Figure Preamplifier BR 1 1x amplification It has been removed as a means of keying the plug.

IR module circuit board Location in module The circuit board is beside the analyzer module and is inserted in the Sensor-CPU circuit board. The back of the circuit board has three multipoint connectors for power supply and Structure signal connections.

URAS 14 Gas Analyzer Ao ABB Ao ** | eBay

There are two side-mounted terminal strips for two ribbon cable connections to the optical components. IR module circuit board, continued Figure There are also five plug connection for central and peripheral functions. Sensor-CPU circuit board, continued Figure Pressure sensor circuit board Location in module Depending on the analyzer module configuration, the pressure sensor is mounted in various positions iras the main frame.

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iras The pressure sensor is mounted on a circuit board with the applicable wiring. Uas The board is connected to the IR module circuit board. The pressure sensor measures pressure in the sample cell. Thermostat circuit board Location in module The circuit board is attached to the main frame.

The circuit board contains two heat resistors. Structure The temperature probe NTC is soldered to a cable. There can be a soldered cable connection to a supplemental heater.

Power supply and control signals enter via a plug connection. Hood with supplemental heater Location in module The hood encloses the optical components.

The hood consists of a U-shaped plate with a heating element on each side wall. Structure The heated hood controls optical element temperature together with the heater Function installed on the main frame. Connecting cable Location in module Connection between IR module circuit ura and optical components. Connecting cable, continued Figure Connection cable 1 pin layout Chapter 3: Hras Overview This chapter This chapter contains information on troubleshooting and repairing the analyzer module.

Chapter contents In this chapter you will find the following information: Status messages, continued Status messages IR detector Fault code Status message Brief description General error 0x Temperature control Control deviation 1, 2 or erroneous error temperature measured value 0x Temp. No measurement signal Indication No measurement signal when sample gas concentration changes. After calibration messages 1, 2, 4 or 8 may appear.

Unstable measurement value reading Indication Measurement signal indicating non-reproducible shifts of varying amplitudes. After calibration messages 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 may appear.

Status messages Details Possible cause Measures Calibration not performed often enough Reduce the interval between calibrations Sample gas line contaminated – Clean the sample gas line Negative measurement signal Indication Values occasionally or permanently below “0” in small measurement ranges.

No status messages Status messages Details Possible cause Measures Improper sample gas preparation – Check the cooler – Check dew points of sample gas and, if applicable, zero gas Sample components in zero gas Replace zero gas Inadequate purge time prior to zero Measurement abb not sensitive enough Indication 1 Measured values too low even after calibration performed 2 Analyzer sensitivity has lessened Status message For 1: No status messages For 2: After calibration messages 2, 4 or 8 may appear.

Details Possible cause Measures Defective uuras cell – Remeasure calibration cell Excessive measurement signal preparation time Indication The measurement signal changes very slowly after a concentration change.

None Status messages Details Possible cause Measures Contamination at sample gas collection ab Clean contaminated components and point and in lines check, if applicable, sample gas preparation temperature control – Check system shutdown procedure – Check cooler Temperature error Indication Desired detector temperature not reached.